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Join us on Saturday, April 12th, when our special guest will be Donna Román,"Featured Teacher". Donna Adams Román is a 5th grade teacher at Mill Creek School in Illinois, blogger, trainer, and presenter committed to providing rich learning opportunities for her learners and professional learning network. She is a recent recipient of ISTE’s first place SIGOL Online Learning Award (2013) and a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator. Donna is active in Professional Development online and in her district, CoSN, ISTE, and iEARN.

Educators are pulled in so many constantly changing directions. Donna will discuss how we can address these obligations while providing deep and meaningful learning experiences, not only for our students, but for ourselves as well. Suggestions to work smarter by condensing and combining, and that can in turn deepen teaching, learning, and our lives while we engage fully in the process. 21st Century Learning, Project Based Learning, and Technology will be the common languages. Donna's Blog

More information and session details are at If you're new to the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! show you might want to spend a few minutes viewing the screencast on the homepage to learn how we use Blackboard Collaborate, and navigate the site. Each show begins at 12pm Eastern (GMT-5) and may be accessed in Blackboard Collaborate directly using the following Classroom 2.0 LIVE! link at All webinars are closed captioned.

On the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! site ( you'll find the recordings from our recent ”Featured Teacher” session with our special guest Erin Klein. Click on the Archives and Resources tab.

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Pop Quizzes...Good? Or Bad?

Started by Victoria Lawson in First Time Posting. Last reply by Tyler Blake Chapman yesterday. 3 Replies

As a student, I have never enjoyed pop quizzes.  However, as a future teacher, I think in many ways they can benefit the students.  Since the students do not know when to expect the quizzes, they will always feel like they need to be prepared, which…Continue

iPads in the classroom...can you see it?

Started by Antwon Lincoln in Introductions. Last reply by Tyler Blake Chapman yesterday. 23 Replies

Hello Community,Well, I bought an iPad. I could not resist the temptation. After I walked out of the Apple store with my iPad, I knew I wouldn't have buyers remorse. I seldom buy the first generation of anything!However, I have a feeling that this…Continue

Tags: ipads

Changes over the years in school!

Started by Tyler Blake Chapman in First Time Posting yesterday. 0 Replies

I am currently attending Johnson University to become a teacher. I have been quite surprised at the differences that have been made over the years since I have been in Elementary schools. There are new ways of teaching certain subjects. There are a…Continue

Universe Sandbox: A Cool Web Application for STEM Teachers

Started by Karen Cameron in Introductions on Thursday. 0 Replies

Universe Sandbox is an interactive space simulator that is just as much about breaking scientific laws as it is about learning them.Most astronomy software allows you to click your away around the solar…Continue

Learning Management System

Started by Racquel Springer in Help or Feedback Needed on Wednesday. 0 Replies

My school system will soon discuss which learning management system would be best to use with our students. I say, "Why choose one?" Web/cloud based system rarely require 3rd party assistance, i.e., system IT people.  The more experience students…Continue

Tags: instruction, interactive, educational, integration, technology

European Competition 2.0 - The Ed2.0Work Network

Started by Joel Josephson in Introductions on Wednesday. 0 Replies

European Competition 2.0 - The Ed2.0Work NetworkUsing Internet…Continue

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Aaron Curley replied to Diana North's discussion SPRING II WEEK SIX DISCUSSION (DIS 01 & 02) in the group WilmU EDT6020
"Andrew, I have to agree that the best way to keep up with technology is to have the articles and information about emerging trends sent to you so that you can sort through and read them as applicable.  Connecting to experts through social media…"
4 hours ago
Kimberly Yancy-Jackson replied to Jessica Pizzaia's discussion Global Awareness Assignment in the group EDT6035
"Dear Juno is a wonderful story, it is perfect for your topic. I always like to bring rich literature into my lessons, this helps students connect the text to themselves and to the world.  It is great that you are using epals as a follow-up…"
4 hours ago
Andrew Meade replied to Diana North's discussion SPRING II WEEK SIX DISCUSSION (DIS 01 & 02) in the group WilmU EDT6020
"Your selection is very attractive to overwhelmed teachers! Although teachers should try to use technology to promote meaningful learning in the classroom, it would be insane if we didn't also embrace technological conveniences. The less time we…"
4 hours ago
Dawn Lineweaver (Penuel) replied to Christopher Terranova's discussion Global Awareness Assignment in the group EDT6035
"I was not familiar with epals until I created this assignment. I now love it and was so excited to share with my students. It is a great way to introduce your students to other cultures and have them enjoy learning about them. I too agree that…"
6 hours ago
Samantha Delfeld replied to Diana North's discussion SPRING II WEEK SIX DISCUSSION (DIS 01 & 02) in the group WilmU EDT6020
"Aaron, I agree with the outlook about grades on report cards. I find that these education classes are geared toward teaching us how to assess for mastery of learning, yet in schools, that is not what is happening. This is quite a barrier between…"
6 hours ago
Samantha Delfeld replied to Diana North's discussion SPRING II WEEK SIX DISCUSSION (DIS 01 & 02) in the group WilmU EDT6020
"Eric, This opening paragraph had me cracking up! I was lucky enough to only have about 5 posts to skim to make sure I was covering a new topic. I was also trying to hurry up and read the blog before someone else added their reply. I do not have iPad…"
6 hours ago
Dawn Lineweaver (Penuel) replied to Daphne Coulbourn's discussion Global Awareness Project in the group EDT6035
"I love how you allowed the students to pick their own country. I'm sure it made it all the more interesting to choose a country they were really interested in. It also allows for great collaboration at the end of the project. The students…"
6 hours ago
Christina Magee replied to Diana North's discussion SPRING II WEEK SIX DISCUSSION (DIS 01 & 02) in the group WilmU EDT6020
"Deb, I remember when I was in elementary school, one of my FAVORITE activities was when we used the computer lab to print off our own books. Then, of course, the process was time consuming and required us to print our books one at a time. I remember…"
6 hours ago

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