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How to Study Effectively: 5 Best Study Applications

So you are slogging endlessly on the study table to pass the upcoming examinations? Everything necessary is within your reach, and the jerker to your focus - your smartphone - has been kept upside down in the other corner of the room for no distraction of thoughts. *SlowClap*

Smartphones could be taking the rap for your misdemeanors at the education front, but the fact is far from what’s understood. There are a number of phone-based applications that can assist…


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Dario #6

Esta semana no sali para nigun sitio  cultural o diferente es muy dificil para mi porque trabajo, voy a la escuela y tengo un nino pero puede lograr pasar tiempo con mi familia. Aprendo muchas cosas con mi abuela quien nacio en la republica dominicana y cocine una comida deliciosa de nuestro pais hoy cocino Asopao (soupy rice) yuca, platanos, y arroz con habichuelas. El asopao es una sopa de arroz que se incio en puerto rico pero los platos de puerto rico y la republica dominicana son muy…


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Dario #5

Mi familia es muy carinosa que he conocido. estoy muy afortunado de tener una familia como la mia. mi familia es bien abierta siempre estan uno para el otro escojen tiempo para hablar y apollarse uno al otro, mi familai le gusta ver que el otro consiga su sueno para ser feliz y siempre estan para ayudar cuando se entreraron que iba tener un hijo me apollaron bastante y siguen apollandome para que yo consiga mis metas estoy muy afortunada dee tener una familia como mia.

La familia…


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Blog #4

Discriminacion es cuando la gente es tratada injustamente y cuando se piensa que otras personas no importa por su rrasa, edad, sexo, o su prefencia sexual.

todas los dias se ven discriminacion, es una mentabilidad estable que la gente no queren escapar porque son steriotipicos. los personas creen que los steriotipicos de una grupo son verdad eso es porque muchas gentes discriminan. cuando tienes la influencia de otras personas o television y otras coasas en el mundo es facil a creer…


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7 Apps For Young Professionals In College Life

College can be an intimidating place for students. It provides you with a glimpse of what lies ahead in life. College heralds the beginning of professional careers for most people, and it is for that reason that 4 years of college are worth their weight in gold. College fulfils the most important job of character building among teenagers. The transformation from a teenager to a responsible professional who is ready to take on the challenges of life is startling and truly remarkable to…


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Module 3

Vygotsky’s Activity Theory

The theory used for this lesson is Vygotsky’s Activity Theory.  It ties in the collaborative and constructivist format in allowing the teachers to present their assignment as relevant.  The student will have the chance t o complete and revise their work by having a practice grade and a mastery grade.  Therefore, showing the teacher how to effectively use iAnnotate will allow them provide faster feedback to the student when they complete their…


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It's not always about the Open Bar.

Tali Horowitz invited a bunch of DOE nerds as her guests to the Common Sense Media Awards Dinner. The awards were for everyone who works hard to provide a safe environment for children to use technology. It was a lovely evening; we hobnobbed with big donors, caught up with friends, and had a nice evening out. What really inspired me was the message of the evening. We are playing defense for the small people who are…


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12 factores a considerar al elegir una carrera universitaria

En la actualidad estudiar una carrera profesional es un proceso difícil ya que tiene muchos obstáculos, por eso, elegir a qué nos dedicaremos el resto de nuestras vidas no es una decisión que se debe tomar a la ligera. Muchos alumnos recién egresados de los bachilleratos no tienen idea de que estudiar ni qué consideraciones tomar para esta decisión.

A continuación te decimos algunos puntos que podrás tomar en cuenta y evitar cometer…


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5 Apps that Help you Study Effortlessly

Studying is by far the toughest thing to do when you have so many distractions around you. It’s pretty common for students to come to me and say they’re addicted to social media or video games. Some say they can’t concentrate on the task at hand. And many say they’re unable to pen down the eloquent thoughts they have on a topic, especially for projects and assignments.


Being a teacher, I’ve come to realise that…


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10 Exciting Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Mother’s Day is the one time of year dedicated to what our mom’s do for us. There are many things children can make for their moms that don’t require long hours. Other than taking her for a dinner and a memorable family trip, there are many small and inexpensive things you can do to show your love and respect towards her. A little time and creativity are all you need.

Mothers day photo

Here are 10 exciting Mother’s Day gift ideas for preschoolers. Choose any one of them and let…


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Born To Lead? 4 Degrees That Can Help You Unlock Your Potential

Leadership skills are valued by employers. It is vital to acquire these skills in the professional world in order to guide, take control and gain respect within your work environment. Today, there are many college degrees that can help you unlock your…


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Different Minds, Different Majors: How to Pick the Best Major for You

When it comes time to choose a major, the task may seem daunting. With so many different options available, deciding which one to best invest your time, energy, money, and mind to is difficult. There are some ways to help ensure that you best match your mind…


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7 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a College Admissions Essay

With rising competition, college admissions are getting more challenging with each passing year. Having the best grades doesn't guarantee you an acceptance letter from your favorite college anymore.

A great admission essay however, can pull you into the class you’ve long dreamed being a part of. If you want to make sure your essay makes an impact and tilts the scales in your favor, then you…


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Mi Diario 5

En mi familia, todos nos queremos muchos y nos cuidamos mucho, tenemos nuestros tiempos difíciles, y peleamos mucho, pero de todas maneras igual siempre estamos unidos. Mi mama siempre le gustaba comer juntos, y eso nomas pasaba los domingos, porque la mayoría del tiempo nunca estamos todos en la casa juntos durante almuerzo o la cena. mi mama trabaja asta tarde, mi padrastro y mi hermano menor son los primeros a llegar a casa, y yo normalmente regreso tarde de la universidad. Los domingos…


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First Post- New to Classroom 2.0


My name is Shaina Weir and I am currently a 5th year Graduate student at Pace University. I am working toward finishing my bachelors in childhood education (concentration in biology) and my masters in educational technology. I found this site while doing a graduate project in creating a Personal Learning Network. I am currently exploring the site to find some interesting blogs and points of interest. Currently, I like what this site has to offer and hope to continue to use it…


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Two Useful Project Ideas you can use now in your Classroom for Student Engagement

Student Engagement in the classroom is a hot topic among teachers as the internet abounds with tips and strategies for student engagement. Today we are going to take a look at project-based learning ideas and share resources to use in the classroom with your students.

  1. Language learning activities – for ESL students. These activities can help English language learners in your classroom to use the language in more meaningful ways and alleviate some of the pressure they might feel…

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Crushed It! How to Host a Twitter Chat

I was asked by Tali Horowitz of Common Sense Media to co-moderate a Twitter chat, but I had never done that before. I’ve been on Twitter for about a year and a half and have participated in other chats, so I thought “Why not?” It turned out to be a lot of fun; if you ever have the opportunity, please do so. Since I want everyone to experience this nerd-thrill, I’ve documented how I approached this project. After it was all…


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Todos somos diferentes

Todos somos diferentes. Aunque estamos en este mundo y queremos ser iguales, en realidad nosotros tenemos cosas y características diferentes. Si piensas bien, nuestros nombres son diferentes. Algunas tiene nombres hispanas, algunas no. Pero todos diferentes. Por ejemplo, Mi nombre de pila es Leylanie (lay-lah-nee). Mis padres son de Puerto Rico, con herencia desde Francia y España. Pero mi nombre de pila viene de Hawaii. Cuando gente pregunta si yo soy de Hawaii por mi nombre, yo siempre…


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Four steps for maximizing chances of success of your online business

When you’re opening an online business, there are certain steps to follow to give the greatest possible chance of succeeding.

The first step is finding what people want and then fulfilling that need. That doesn’t mean that you find a certain product that people desire, but rather a market in which you’ll be able to compete and fulfill the desires of people. People in a certain market are on the…


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