Get your online class started in the right direction!

Get your class started in the right direction!


When you welcome students to an online environment it is important to make them feel as though they are in a personal and friendly environment. Start by having them post in the text chat or a discussion area of a synchronous session such things as characteristics that fit them as a person and why. Most young people are good at the social posts and this will allow them to feel comfortable at the start of the class. Here is an example of what you can do:

Post any three of the characteristics that fit you as a person and why:

Was born outside the USA, Likes math, loves animals, likes to try new foods, has traveled outside our stare, can name the last three Presidents of the USA with out Googling them, know the Assistant Principals name, and is afraid of spiders or snakes.


After going over why they need to do in order to be an active learner explain the tools of your online learning program. This includes: where to find assignments or activities, discussions, presentations, synchronous tools and responsibilities, and the role of taking notes. Also put up rubrics for each of these programs so that there are no questions of what is expected of them during theses classes.


First assignments need to be simple but using the tools available to the students such as PowerPoint, word, or other presentations tools. Then have them prepare slides about how to be an active online learner and post 1-2 questions about the class in the discussion area.


These are only suggestions and are simple assignments.


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