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Four steps for maximizing chances of success of your online business

When you’re opening an online business, there are certain steps to follow to give the greatest possible chance of succeeding.

The first step is finding what people want and then fulfilling that need. That doesn’t mean that you find a certain product that people desire, but rather a market in which you’ll be able to compete and fulfill the desires of people. People in a certain market are on the…


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Working adults looking to online universities for new knowledge opportunities

The saying is that people grow wiser as they age, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have more knowledge. Real life experiences – those which can’t be learned in a classroom setting – are a contributing factor to the wisdom of older adults. This wisdom can play a huge role in the careers of working professionals. However, sometimes more is needed – and that’s where knowledge comes into play, especially at an older age.

It used to be that once people started their careers, they…


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5 Best Educational Websites Every Student Should Know

The web is loaded with valuable tools and resources students can use in their academic life. Despite of overwhelming scholarly requirements, difficult subjects, and nerve-wracking exams, you can still make the most of your student life with the help of the latest technology.
In this digital age, learning became more fun, enjoyable and interesting because of the available EdTech tools. Students can simply find the right online resources on the Internet, and they can choose…

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VC online teaching

we really want to help chinese students enjoy learning and using english in their daily. to learn a language, input and output are improtant.we also want to help foreign teacher to share chinese educational market. 

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Experiencing Free or Open Source Courses Blog

Annenberg Learner offers workshops and classes online. These can be taken for free for professional development or by paying a small fee to enroll for graduate level credits through CSU. The workshops can be viewed online or purchased on DVD. Users have the option to subscribe to a course’s Teacher-Talk email list or simply click on the course title and go through the workshop’s content independently. Each course on the site provides information, support materials, activities, and a forum…


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Online Tools That Make a College Student’s Life Easier

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a student who goes through their college without a smartphone, tablet, or at least a computer. Young people practically spend their days with modern technology, but not all of them have realized that their devices can save instead of waste time.

If you try to implement these educational tools in your studying activities, you will not only improve the quality of your learning methods, but will also go through college…


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10 ways to better focus on what you write

Staying focused while writing academic papers isn’t something that comes easy for students. Academic curriculums become increasingly challenging as the students advance in their education, and professors not only require them to do well on the exams, but to write excellent papers as well.

When you have an academic paper to write, everything seems more interesting than focusing on the topic, contents and referencing rules of your assignment. Working on a computer with Internet…


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Best Free Online Tutoring Tools

Students, tutors, and teachers are no longer limited to classroom learning. The Internet offers many great options for tutors and teachers to prepare for their lectures and work with students in a non-conventional virtual environment. If you are determined to make progress in your career as a professional tutor or you just want to find a way to help your cousin who lives across the country, you are recommended to experiment with the tools listed below and find the best platform that will…


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Top 5 Usages of Web Forms to Simplify an Educator’s Task List

The clutter and noise that technology brings to education can be a bit overwhelming for teachers. Deciding upon the best tools for your daily tasks will definitely impact the improvement of your workflow. That is why you have to know how you can benefit from the tool you are going to use. Thus, for all educators which consider using a form builder to help them streamline school related activities, here is a handful of …


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Speak Up About How Technology Advances Education and Learning

Originally Published on Learning Outside The Lines

When an idea as innovative as online learning starts to gain traction in our school systems, it’s important that we take the time to study both how it is impacting the educational environment now and how we can continue to leverage it in the future.  In many cases, the…


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Experiencing Free/Open Source Courses

          We were asked to search and enroll in a free/open source course that we were interested in. The idea was for us to experience a type of online learning that is available. I spent quite a while searching for free/open source courses. A lot of them that I discovered were through universities (MIT, Yale, etc.). I decided to see what courses they were offering. None of the university courses were educationally related. They offered courses in business, science, math, history,…


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Looking for Summer Professional Development?

Have you been wanting to learn more about technology integration but had problems finding the time, or confused about where to start? Are you less-than-enthusiastic about boring professional development that doesn't seem related to what's happening in your classroom? Or do you understand the basics of technology integration, but you would like to see new ideas? Let Atomic Learning…


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Educational Art Games

Dear Colleagues!

Some time ago I searched the Internet for online games dealing with the visual arts. and made a collection of links for my Swedish students. Maybe this could be of interest for someone also in the English speaking world? Please have a look:…


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Deepen Your Digital Footprint: A Beginner to Intermediate Guide To Increasing Online Traffic and Web Presence

This is the blog post version of the free eBook of the same name found here for download.

I am an educator so all of the research you'll find here is about promotion that works for those in my field, sharing their work for free.

I have broken it into ten sections as follows:



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Online Education Platforms

My name is Alexander Kefallonitis and I am a second year student at Cass Business School in London.

As most of us nowadays, I search for several subjects or things I don't fully understand in classrooms, in the web.

While I was doing that I came across a website called The Open Academy.

Since I have been searching for college material on the web for two years now I have visited academic earth, searched for video lectures on youtube and I can tell you that The Open…


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Online Class: Using Games for Learning and Assessment

University of Wisconsin-Stout Online




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Questioning Virtual Learning

If you've been in education for more than 5 or 6 years you have noticed that the trend is having students get much of their education on line. You may not be teaching this way yet nor may anyone in your school but you've seen the news and have heard multiple examples of classrooms where the focus is the internet. This focus may revolve around online activities, online testing, delivering content online or taking entire courses online. A popular technique for classrooms is the hybrid model…


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Fostering Collaboration in the Online Classroom

Kelly, Bob (September 16, 2011). Fostering Collaboration in the Online Classroom. Faculty Focus, Retrieved October 3, 11, from


Kelly reported about a professor who he interviewed for Online Classroom, Glenda Hernandez Baca coordinator of teacher…


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Research Shows Teachers Need a Very Different Set of Skills to Teach Today's Students

The Challenge of Modeling 21st Century Learning

A Complimentary White Paper from Atomic Learning

Today's students are different. Today's world is different. The changes suggest a very different role for schools and teachers.

Based on findings by Atomic Learning's partner, SEG Measurement, this free resource discusses the importance of professional…


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