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Interactive tools for your classes

Hiya!Today's Esl website ishttp://www.primaryresources.co.uk/behaviour/behaviour.htm. It has different kinds of tools you can use in your lessons.They are interactive and so enjoying.I totally advise you to have a look at that website:)See…


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Social Networking and Digital Citizenship

As a result of this assignment, I was not aware there were Nine elements that defined digital citizenship. Many educators and students forget that there is an expectation of behaviors surrounding technology use. Of the nine elements (digital access, digital commerce, digital communication, digital literacy, digital etiquette, digital law, digital rights and responsibilities, digital health and wellness, and digital security) I…


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Social Networking

            Before this week, I primarily thought of Social Networking as something you did at home, on your personal time, regarding personal things.  At least, that was my experience with social networking.  This week has brought to light that blogging is a form of social networking.  While I have not blogged with my students, I know many teachers who have and have had great things to say about it.  Through blogs teachers and students are able to communicate with each other and others from…


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Just to see...

I am typing this in my classroom 2.0 site to see if it will post to my Blog page.  We shall see....

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Social Networking in the Classroom


After researching various social networks, I feel more comfortable about the possibility of using them in my classroom.  I was not aware that there were so many options for educators to choose from.  The educational blogs and sites are really user-friendly and secure.  Knowing this, alleviates my fears about getting students involved in online chats.  I like that most of the education networks give the teacher access and control over student accounts. 

I think that prior…


Added by Elizabeth Gentry on July 27, 2012 at 6:02pm — 2 Comments

Es casi el final ...

Sin embargo,  una otra sesión de la escuela ha ido y venido. El tiempo pasa tan rápido, especialmente cuando se están divirtiendo. He tenido una gran…


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FlipSnack is a free online web tool that allows users to convert PDF documents into Flash page flip books for the purpose of sharing literary work (stories, poems) and/or visuals (pictures, graphs, c…

FlipSnack is a free online web tool that allows users to convert PDF documents into Flash page flip books for the purpose of sharing literary work (stories, poems) and/or visuals (pictures, graphs, charts).  This very easy to use software only requires 3 simple steps:

1.  Upload PDF files

2.  Customize the flip book appearance

3.  Convert & publish into a flip…

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Increase Student Achievement in 5 Easy Steps

Student Holding Building Blocks In the forward of William Parrett and Kathleen Budge’s recent book, Turning High-Poverty Schools Into High-Performing Schools, Michael Copland describes standing in front of the faculty in an after-school meeting to discuss data regarding…


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Children of Tomorrow: Guidelines for Raising Happy Children in the 21st Century



Today Is the first time we feel ,

while still not understanding,

that the younger…


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Create Research Citations with the Citation Wizard

Supers simple method of creating bibliographies and works cited citations.  Create MLA and APA style citations.

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Digital immigrations

Jason Barnes

Wow! Just creating this page and trying to make this post has been a stiff cold slap in the chops for me!  I am most certainly a digital immigrant with only one foot in the water!  I can remember being in high school and experiencing my first introduction to the World Wide Web.  My parents missed the technology train and so my family didn’t and still doesn’t have a computer.  While I have had to become more progressive there are still many things that totally overwhelm my…


Added by Jason Barnes on July 23, 2012 at 5:47pm — 1 Comment

Digita Natives and Digital Immigrants

I am a Digital Immigrant.  Reading the article on Digital Immigrants gave me a deeper understanding concerning the work I have to do to reach the Digital Natives that are in our classrooms.  Digital Immigrants speak a different language, have expectations that limit student potential, and have troubles understanding the Digital Natives that sit in our classrooms daily.  How do we reach this generation?  The research states that current students in K-12 think and process differently than…


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Reflections for Class

The articles that I read for Unit 2 were interesting.  The first one “Digital Natives Digital Immigrants” by Marc Prensky was thought provoking.  I am a digital native, but this article helped me understand my parents and older people in education.   I remember when I was in high school and college thinking to myself how much faster this lecture would go if the teacher just put it online.  Instead of “sit and get” let me go on the internet and search for myself.  I feel like “edutainment” is…


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Portfolio 3

            “Classroom management” or la gestión de una clase es tan importante para el aprendizaje de un idioma segundo porque los estudiantes necesitan portarse bien para aprender.  En mi experiencia en Sevilla, la gestión de una clase es similar pero diferente también de la gestión en los Estados Unidos.  Por ejemplo, en mi clase la profesora usa la técnica de un semáforo que significa el comportamiento de los estudiantes.  Los estudiantes quieren estar en la parte verde del semáforo…


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Portfolio 3: A Reflection the Classroom Management on the Playschool

     For the third portfolio project, I am going to reflect on the classroom management skills, or lack thereof, that I’ve witnessed at the Playschool. From the Classroom Management module, Evertson and Weinstein define classroom management as “the actions teachers take to create an environment that supports and facilitates both academic and social-emotional learning.” One part of that has to do with management, discipline, and control of the students. Problems with this can lead to teacher…


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Reflecting on the article Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants, by Marc Prensky

This article has helped me to put words to what is going on in our world today regarding technology, especially in education.  I feel that even though I am fairly comfortable with technology, I am a digital immigrant.  The other day I was having an issue with my iPod and my middle school cousin was at my house.  I asked him to help me instead of trying to troubleshoot myself.  I would have had to research a solution through Google.  He was able to fix my problem without looking anything up! …


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Teaching in the Digital Age

After reading both articles and videos I have come to the conclusion that I am neither a digital immigrant or native. Right now I consider myself to be balance. It is good if there is a mixture of traditional and digital because it keeps students thinking critically and allows to them to communicate in all types of ways. Marc Prensky brought up a good point in his article when he said, "Did you get my email?" In correlation to did you get my phone call. With the resources given it appears…


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para estar en muchos lugares a la misma vez...

Me olvido de lo increíble que es estar hablando con un grupo de personas en un otro idioma. Me siento alegre de compartir un vínculo con los inmigrantes…


Added by Sarah Paige Roe on July 20, 2012 at 7:30pm — 1 Comment

Class response: Even with technology, teachers must remember the basics

I’m old enough to have typed papers in high school but young enough to have been introduced to early desktop computers when I was in elementary school. I suppose that would put me somewhere between a “digital immigrant” and a “digital native.”


Let me start by saying I think school should embrace technology. They should demonstrate to students legitimate educational and business uses for technology. Almost every aspect of what I do at school is linked to some technological…


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Teaching in the Digital Age

I wholeheartedly agree with Marc Prensky when he says, “the single biggest problem facing education today is that our Digital Immigrant instructors, who speak an outdated language (that of the pre-digital age), are struggling to teach a population that speaks an entirely new language.”  I believe this is evident in classrooms across the country.  Although some teachers are unwilling to change and grow, I would venture to guess that most teachers desire to meet students where they are at, and…


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