Children of Tomorrow: Guidelines for Raising Happy Children in the 21st Century



Today Is the first time we feel ,

while still not understanding,

that the younger generations

discovering a need to develop


1 ) Adapting Ourselves to the Younger Generation
To touch children’s hearts,We, who come from an older generation,
Must recognize How fundamentally different we are from them.
We should not thinkThat they must love
And accept us as we areWithout our changing.
On the contrary,
We must try
To adapt ourselves to them
As much as possible.

2 ) Treating Children as Adults
Today’s children Are actually mature
In their internal Preparation for development,
And we must treat them as such.

3 ) Generation Disconnect
The renewal of souls in the present generation
Makes the young feel as if
They have nothing to learn from adults.
Indeed, what can they learn from people who tell them:
“Get up in the morning, Go to work, Be good, Marry, Have kids, And everything will be OK

(4) The Problem With Our Education
The problem with our education isThat we are not building children
To become human beings.We give them knowledge,
But we do not educate them In the full sense of the word.
To “educate” means to teach childrenHow to relate to themselves
And to others properly,To be one, whole human being.
Instead,We give them technical information:
How to turn a screw, how to work with a computer,
A little bit of science,
And we send them on their way.

5 ) Educating Just One Generation Correctly
If we bring up just one generation correctly,If we give today’s children what they need,
Even to a small extent,
They will pass it on to the next generation.
And the next generationsWill no longer be declining,
But ascending.Otherwise,
The next generationWill sink into despair and drugs.
What a pity for our children

(6)Dependence on Society
From very early on, we must pass on to our children our total dependence on society, for better or for worse.
On the one hand, we must show them through games, examples, and other forms that society can be very harmful. We must show how it overtakes and confuses people, and how it can actually “hypnotize” them to the point that if they follow it, they might find themselves behind bars the next day.However, if they join a good society, its persuasiveness affects them positively.These are the examples we must show children—of all ages—in different ways so they will understand that by choosing their environment—the friends and the media they are exposed to—they are educating themselves and essentially determining their own fate.From this we can conclude what we, as parents, must want the media to show, as well as everything else people are exposed to these days.

6 ) A Human Being Is One Who Wants to Bond
The general law of Nature
That operates on human society
Determines that people must be connected.

7 ) An Example for Life
We must provide children with positive examples
In all areas of life,And the rest can be left entirely alone.
If the example is genuine,
And the child is impressed with it on a regular basis,
It will remain with him or her forever.

8 ) An Example for Life
We must provide children with positive examples
In all areas of life,
And the rest can be left entirely alone.
If the example is genuine,
And the child is impressed with it on a regular basis,
It will remain with him or her forever.

(9) Formative Learning
We must expose children to various forms of conduct using films and plays.
However, they can also decide for themselves to what extent they are okay or not.

Of course, the process should be accompanied by an explanation, analysis, and joint scrutiny of the matters by children and parents or educators. This is called “formative learning,” which is how a person is impressed and learns.

10 ) Games Build a Person
A game is a serious thing.Through it, a person grows.
A game builds the person.

11 ) Not Just Passing Time
A game to merely pass the time
Is something that satisfies usConfused adults,
Because we want to pass the time.Children have no desire
To merely pass the time.
To them,the game is the way to know the world.

12 ) Explanations Only Through Games
With children, we must never insist on something that is against their will.Instead, we should explain to them what is good for them, what is acceptable for them, until, as Maimonides says, “They gain much wisdom.”

They will gain wisdom through the explanations we will give them, but the explanations must come only by way of games. If we do it correctly, they will suddenly understand that it is not in their interest to remain in their present state.

13 ) Sophistication in Developing Games
For bonding, each party must make a few concessions.
So the critical moment in a game should be when the child feels that:“I have to make a concession,
But I really don’t want to.
But then
If I give up a little,
I’ll succeed with the others!”
Success must specifically be with everyone, and not solitary.
The expertise in developing games lies precisely in this point

14 ) Growing through Effort
It makes no difference whatsoeverIf children succeed
With the tasks we give them.
What matters is their effort
Because it is through their efforts that they grow.

15 ) Inner Charge
We mustn’t tell a child:“Do it exactly this way” or “Do it exactly that way.”
It is coercion.
Because in the end,
No one knows what inner “load”
A child inherited,
Which he or she must realize..

16 ) No Pressure
Do not pressure children;
Give them tasks that they can handle.
Know that many a wise man
Barely understood what was required of them at school,
And only when they finished school
Did they suddenly spring forward
And become great in their fields.

(17) Don’t Tell Them What—Tell Them How
The right way to educate is not to tell a child what to do. If a child asks, explain only how it should be done.And what do you do before they ask? Use a variety of tactics to stimulate them into wanting to do what is right for them. The desire must come from the child. It may sound complicated, but it is the right way to educate.

(18) In the Direction of Love“According to the child’s way”
Means only giving a child direction.But underneath, I must help the child realize that direction through the character he or she was born with, help them express themselves through everything that they received from Nature.

The important thing is that one’s nature, the sum of one’s qualities, be directed toward love and giving to others. Every child is born with a special combination of qualities and tendencies. Leave it to them, but show them how they can use these qualities correctly.

(19) Varied Explanations
We must offer as diverse explanations as possible and strive to give as many examples as we can, in as many ways as possible.
Sometimes it is very difficult to understand the teacher at school.
But at home, with Mother or Father explaining things in a more suitable way, closer to the child, things become clearer.
This is how we should explain things to children: by using examples through which they can connect with the subject matter and thus learn more about themselves.

(20) Observing Oneself from the Outside
We must help children separate themselves from their nature.We must tell them: “You see, according to your nature, you may be rude, stubborn, arrogant, or overbearing. But all that is not you; it is what’s in you.“Perhaps you can come out of that ‘thing’ inside of you.

“Let’s try to change it together, and then you’ll discover that you are changing your behavior toward everyone. This will be better for you, and you will profit.”Teaching children to distinguish between themselves
And the inclination within themIs a great salvation for them.In fact, it is the very basis of education.

(21) Being a Friend
A child should feel that a parent is a friend and big brother or sister, as well as a parent.We must build relationships with children where there is trust, where the child welcomes the parent and wants them in his or her life.

(22) The Right Attitude Toward Grandparents
Parents must show their children the respect they have for their own parents, the child’s grandparents.
By showing them how they treat their parents—grandma and grandpa—they are educating the child into treating them—mom and dad—the same way.

(23) Self-EducationWe must understand
That for our children’s sake
We must
Educate ourselves
As well.

(24)Every Move Is an Example
The examples that parents give to children through the relationships between them will be passed on to their children’s lives with their partners, and will exist in the families that they have.We learn from examples and become educated by examples. We imitate everything we see during childhood. Therefore, we must present children with an image in which there are no problems.

(25) No Fighting In Front of the Children
Fighting in front of the children is out of the question.Home must be a place that is still, unchanging.Confidence comes from home.Quarrels between parents will shake up the childrenAnd affect them in a very negative way.

(26) Education, Not Punishment
Children need to determine their own punishments; otherwise, there is no education, just punishment.Also, under no circumstances should the punishment be a result of our emotions at that moment.We must relate to the incident only later, at the designated time for it, just like in court, where a case is noted on one day and discussed on another day.

When discussing it, we examine the ego that suddenly awakened in the child, like a little devil, causing the child to do bad things. The child needs to understand it and be aware of the common work we are conducting together in relation to what happens within us.

(27) Understanding Children
To understand children, you must be at their level.If you are bigger, then you’re a teacher or a parent.If you are smaller, you’re a student.If you are equal, you’re a friend.So if you want to understand childrenAnd to bond with them,You must be more like a friend.

(28) Simply Happy
If we bring up childrenIn the right way,Ten years from nowWe’ll see a very different generation.Children will knowThe kind of world they live inAnd will understandThe consequencesOf each of their actions.As a result,They will build theirActions,Thoughts,Intentions,And relationsIn such a good and proper wayThat they will simply

Be happy.Excerpts are used from a book of “Children of Tomorrow”Authors – A.Ulianov, I.Vinokur, M.Laitman

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