At the beginning of this year, I was supplied with a document camera for my second grade class. In short, I wanted to start this discussion in order to throw around some ideas for using the document camera in a classroom. I have used it in the following ways:
-Making every book a big book...shared reading experience
-students showing and explaining their work (especially in math)
-put a timer underneath the camera for variopus applications
-capture student work
-conduct science experiments with insects
-students sharing writing
-shared writing experiences
-word sorting
-math manipulatives
-discussing and displaying homework

Anyone else?

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-let kids show each other how they draw the things they like to draw.
-use the zoom to magnify things too small for the naked eye (lesson in texture in art - look at fabrics and other materials up close)
-use the camera feature to record change over time. Example: Devise a way to situate a plant in the same spot on the platform each day and snap a picture. Viola! put the stills into a time-lapse photo. Do same with growing larvae, one kid's hand over the course of the year... there would be so many fun ways to use this.
I have had one for a year and have become thoroughly spoiled by it:) As an English Language Instructional Coach, I ordered them for all the teachers I support (those content teachers with ELLs in their classes). At first, they didn't see the need since they had overheads and their LCD projectors for powerpoints. Once I showed them how to use it (and encouraged them to come to my class and see it in action), they quickly changed their minds. I still have 5 boxes of transparencies that I have to find something to do with or someone to give them to.

My favorite activity is shooting activities to the dry erase board for students to work with. I also have them volunteer to share their work with the entire class for editing, sharing exemplary work, reading something they found interesting (short paragraphs), etc. The science teachers I work with were hooked almost immediately! They hook up their microscopes to it so the entire class can see what is on the slide. The English teachers have used them to highlight key passages of novels to fully engage the entire class in analyzing it.

The limits are those of your imagination. I regularly ask teachers how they are using theirs so that I can see if their approaches would work with my students.

Here is a list of ideas from Lumens. Enjoy!

Every teacher on my campus has one in their classroom attached to an LCD projector and laptop. I think that using it through group discussion helps promote critical thinking skills while using Socratic Questioning about whatever item you may be viewing. I know using it to disect a sentence is great for all kids and they see the parts of grammar...especially with colored pens/markers.
Mapping skills, charts and graphs are lacking in many classrooms...they are great for these skills...any graphic organizer to be honest. Allowing students to demonstrate self evaluated writing is great with the elmo and can assist in developing critical thinking skills.

Good luck...whatever you choose to use them with your students are lucky to have you trying to utilize them and having technology accessible to them.
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