I've just finished composing a resource that might be useful to you: Web 2.0 Tutorial for Educators. I wanted to create a place where everyday teachers could go to discover more about some of the popular Web 2.0 tools being used in education. Many teachers hear a lot of these buzz words but don't know where to start as far as their own classroom implementation goes.

The wiki I've created provides definitions for blogs, social bookmarks, RSS feeds and wikis. It also discusses educational benefits, classroom applications, concerns and solutions, real-world examples from teachers and tutorials to help teachers begin using these technologies. I also included some helpful videos.

I invite everyone to contribute to this resource. I'd like to see it grow and become a collaborative project. I hope you find this wiki useful as part of your school's technology professional development program.

Web 2.0 Tutorial for Educators

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Hi Andrew!

I really like your Web 2.0 wiki. It's organized quite well and I especially like the section on Educational Benefits and Classroom applications. In addition, you provide ample examples to help make sense of it all.

P.S. - Great job including the "Have You Been Paying Attention" video in your links and resources page. This is one of the all time great videos!
This looks like an amazing resource. Thanks for putting it together. I will definitely contribute some ideas. Steve Hargedon put together a similar classroom 2.0 wiki here: http://www.classroom20wiki.com/ Yours looks like it might be simpler for the beginning web 2.0 teacher.

B.T.W. You can get rid of the ads on your wiki by emailing wikispaces and telling them that you are using your wiki for educational purposes. This links provides a lot of good info for teachers using wikispaces: http://www.wikispaces.com/help+Teachers

Hi Andrew!

This is a great tutorial on social media. Thanks for compiling this information. I''ll be sure to pass it along.
I wrote a short and sweet Teachers Guide to Student Blogging. Several are using it, and I would love for you to include it on your wiki. http://teachertechblog.com/teachers-guide-setup-and-configure-a-stu... Check it out and see if it works with your already great resources.
I am working on building a free eBook on his topic
A Teacher’s Tour Guide into the New Read/Write Web2.0 - 10 Part Series at http://ambrose.edvibes.com/welcome-to-the-web20-world-6-part-series/
I would love any feedback
Be sure to add Yackpack to your guide. It's an audio groups/podcasting tool created by a professor at Stanford. I created a Yahoo! Teacher Doc about Yackpack: http://teachers.yahoo.com/document/59636

You can learn more about Yackpack here: http://www.yackpack.com

Thanks for sharing...I'm working on my presentation for an upcoming conference...will use your wiki as a refernce!!
Thanks, I am fairly tech savvy, but I am still learning how to use some of these tools and always enjoy learning how to use them more effectively.
Thanks for doing this work and sharing it with all of us.
I have added it to my district wiki:

What a fabulous, user-friendly resource! I'll be sure to share it with my faculty.

Thanks for doing this AND for sharing it with us!
I didn't have a clue what a RSS was or a social bookmark. Thanks to you I'm just a TINY bit closer to knowing what's going on in this ever changing technological world of ours. THANK YOU!
Thanks for the resource, Andrew. I'll use it with my teachers!



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