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3D Printing: Sketch Furniture by FRONT

I'm really jazzed about 3D Printing!!! I've been thinking of the implications for Art Therapy and Education.

"Motion Capture is a technique that translates motions into 3D-files. Motion capture is mostly used for animations in movies and computer games. Front have used the technique to simply record the tip of a pen when they draw pieces of furniture in the air. Rapid Prototyping is a technique that materialises 3D-files. A laser beam… Continue

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My new year

With the end of May comes the ending of another year. I find myself making resolutions, plans and changes for the future both personally and professionally. This summer I'll be taking classes, making time for me and redesigning the curriculum to be more project based units of study. In the week that I've had off I've been helping with conference organization, proposals for speaking engagements and yes brainstorming. I've collected 57 ideas so far that need exploring, and hopefully I'll find… Continue

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Four years ago, a tall but rather skinny member of my robotics team stepped into the playing arena to compete in the finals of the 2nd National Robotics Olympiad which was held at the Alabang Town Center. It took the boy a couple of hours to assemble his lego robot. His robot will compete in the finals of a maze event.

And now it’s crunch time! It was a tense moment for all of us. It was the first time for us to join in the Robotics Olympiad. We didn’t even expect to reach the finals… Continue

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Tech Byte: Telling Stories With Google Maps

Everybody's Using Google Maps to Tell Digital Stories - And Not Just in Geography Class.

Tech Bytes LogoThis week's Tech Byte gives you a chance to try a taste of a great, free online resource for making map(s) which tell a digital story.

Below is an excerpt from an excellent tutorial by Technology Integration Facilitator Silvia Tolisano from her blog "Langwitches." She is an amazing blogger who has written quite a few other excellent tutorials about edtech. I hope that… Continue

Added by L. Suzanne Shanks on May 29, 2008 at 12:00pm — 3 Comments

Learning Live Online

I'm still chuckling about last night's Second Life session. Jane Krauss asks audience members to raise their hands and what do I do? Jump up and down. Ah well, I'm new, a newbie as they say and I have a lot to learn in Second Life and in the Web 2.0 world. Everyone begins somewhere, right? I'm glad that I can laugh about it--and share the funny stories with the teacher next door to me at school, Tim.

Today I participated in a… Continue

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First Foray into Second Life

I now have a Second Life. In SL I'm Ernestine Snoodle. Tonight I went to a presentation on Project Based Learning given by Jane Krauss and Suzie Boss. I enjoyed it and it was quite interesting, but I'm somewhat overwhelmed by what I need know how to do in SL. It took me quite a while to figure out just how to sit down at the amphitheater and forget learning how to raise my hand during the presentation, instead I accidentally jumped up in the air when I tried to follow the commands people were… Continue

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My Amazing People

Kevin Honeycutt started something really cool: A list of what he calls his "Amazing People." People who inspire him, motivate him, teach him. I am honored to be on his list.

Here is his list: Click on Amazing People

That got me thinking about my "Amazing People"

Here is my… Continue

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Tech Byte: Online Reputation--Who's Watching Yours?

Today our Tech Byte gathers inspiration from Jeff Utecht, a widely known and respected educator and presenter who teaches in China. He discovered that his school's Wikipedia entry had incorrect information in it so he writes about the broader implications of that. (FYI - this week's Byte is not about wikis again.)

reputation_look.jpgJeff's post begets another equally important question, "What is your personal online reputation?" I am frequently in the business of teaching youngsters… Continue

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First Class Done

Finished my first graduate course for my instructional technology program and loved it. I got so much more out of it than I did with my first masters in science education. I look forward to the one week intensive class I'll be taking this summer on hypermedia design and instruction. I also have the opportunity to begin redesigning my curriculum for next year. I'm going to further differentiate my instruction by adding more instructional technology options for students.

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Live NASA Broadcast via I had to share this one with everyone. I am so intrigued by this stream since it's the live events of a day in the life of a NASA astronaut. You have to stop for a second to watch and listen. It is truly amazing!!

Added by Cheryl Capozzoli on May 27, 2008 at 7:33am — No Comments

New Literacies?

I'm not an educational technologist, not by training, but I do love to share what I learn with other teachers and show them how they can use digital tools in their classroom to build literacy. This year in the Reading Writing Center I did a lot of that. If the RWC is truly a literacy-rich place where I demonstrate best practice literacy instruction then it makes sense to incorporate the "new literacies." Ewan McIntosh twitted a question about new literacies this morning asking if Twitter would… Continue

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An interesting clip

So, this semester is coming to its end. I must admit, I'm as tired as I'm psyched for the summer. My time is mostly spent with my family - if I'm not working - with Adam (my two-year-old) and Eric (our new-born). Still, I've had some time to check out this clip on Youtube.

It sure makes me think, but for the time being, I have to face the problem of only having four computers on 25 people.

Still, the future is… Continue

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Our Drug Abuse Scrapblogs!

We did a slideshow on to showcase our research on drug abuse. We then posted them on our wikispaces. Here is just… Continue

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VoiceThread sample

Please join in and add your memories and thoughts about events in our recent… Continue

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Hello Everyone 2.0

My non-profit blog is here:

My science blog Siyensya is here:

Have a great day

Added by Kevin on May 26, 2008 at 6:00am — 5 Comments

My Blog...

My Blog is posted on the Ohio Educational Technology site:

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Free E-Learning

Hi Everyone,

I believe online learning should be free and available worldwide. If

you feel the same, join me at Integrating Technology: Exploring New

where you can learn and create your own online courses using

Moodle course management system (CMS). Free Moodle training and

professional development courses will be offered free of charge to

teachers who wish to provide free learning for others.… Continue

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Diigo Web 2.0 Page

While testing out the functionality of Diigo, I created a categorized Web 2.0 applications page here:

Added by Kathy Schrock on May 24, 2008 at 7:00pm — 3 Comments

Poor Puppy

Added by Lucinda on May 23, 2008 at 11:28pm — No Comments

Bad Kitty

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