I teach elementary keyboarding and the program I have is kinda boring.  I would like to find something new that goes from K-6 grade.  I would be willing to purchase books or materials if it is a great program.  Can anyone help me out with ideas?

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I teach keyboarding at 6 and 7 grade middle school.  What I found works well is a website http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing/. It is kind of cheesy but the kids like it for the most part.  Also found that many of the free flash typing games out there work really well. I tried books and programs for purchase and found that the I was fighting kids wanting to play games because they were bored.  Also I found that the books were a pain as kids would write in them or they could get damaged from use and/or mis-use.  Hope this helps

I taught for five years in a computer lab and used several different websites for kids to practice keyboarding.  I also like the Dance Mat Typing site mentioned by John.  I also have a few other sites that I used.  You can find links to them on this page I created for keyboarding sites:  http://sites.google.com/site/mcwithmrsnase/keyboarding-games

Thank you for the sites to use.  I will try them out when I get a chance.

Try www.typingweb.com

I started it this year with my kids. It's great and free. I like it because it tracks the students' progress. 

I have used keyboarding for kids (www.keyboardingonline.com) for 4 years but they became too costly. I will try typingweb now thanks to you.

Another free program is Rapid Typing.

We use a program called Type to Learn with our elementary kids up through sixth grade.  I know the program has a cost, but I'm not sure how much.  You can check it out at http://ttl4.sunburst.com/ for more information.  The program is self-paced and fun for the kids.  There are lessons on correct keyboarding skills and games for practice. 

Thank you everyone that has responded.  It is great to get all these sites to try.

www.freetypinggame.ne is a great website for keyboarding. It's online and it's FREE, which is always a bonus.

Have a look at the list at



Hi!  At my school we use typing master online.  Each grade consists of 14 lessons, with each lesson taking about 20 minutes.  Students can practice at home or school with the account.  Words per minute vary from grade to grade.  The kids like it and you have access to their accounts so you can see their growth.  If you want more information, please feel free to email me here or at my school address.  Good luck.




This is a really great program.  A journey across Australia while you type. 
If you can get some funds to buy it.  Be sure to check with your tech people

for how it sets up on the school server.   I think it works better with PC server rather than MAC.  Although it

does work for both, I'm not sure if my tech guy just didn't want to take the time.




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