I am looking into Google Apps for Education for our district. Many of our students and staff utilize Google Documents and Google Sites. It seems like Google Apps for Education may be a perfect fit. The stumbling block always seems to be student email. Have any of you use Google Apps for Education and provided students with email accounts? Have you used Google Apps for other uses?

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Brian -

I know this isn't specifically what you are looking for, but thought it might be of some use - I just posted over the weekend about Google Apps versus Zoho Office Suite and their use in education. Thought it might help to have a little more insight into each of these worthwhile tools:

There's also a few posts right here on Classroom2.0 in the "Collaborative Documents" forum category
that might be of interest: http://www.classroom20.com/forum/topic/listForTag?tag=documents.

Hope this helps!
We use Google Apps in our district, but are not using the full Google Apps for Education. I attended one of their webinars and one of the items mentioned was email for students. Google releases the API's for Gmail and the administrator can turn off any of the Apps you do not want to use. Email and IM were some of the ones discussed. The Education version also allows you to turn off the Ads.

Colloaborate in the Clouds:

Top Ten Google Apps for Educators:
Hi Brian

i used google apps for drivers education www.teenlivedrive.com

we made an app. works well. app search teenlivedrive.
I use google sites to teach, to organize our university department and to develop community. You can see one of these site that is open. http://sites.google.com/site/onlinelearningcircles/ I really enjoy developing websites and wikis in googlesites. I have also used google docs but I like wikis better. You can see how I use a wiki at http://mindmaps.wikispaces.com Right now I am trying to figure out if I should use NING or google sites for a developing a site for Action Research SIG. Margaret
A Here! and a Help!: I have a resource and a question:
First, I am using Google Apps as we speak to create an intranet for my school staff and offices. It has much potential and will start rolling it out in June with an eye to next year. Here is a video I made to introduce teachers to it (it's less than 5min): http://screencast.com/t/sKi5IOisat

Second, my school wants to leave our current web host. The problem is that they don't allow the exporting of data (email contacts, calendar events). Are their tricks to doing this? I have been learning new terms like "migration" and "FTPs", but am hitting a wall with regard to what any of it means.

Thanks for any thoughts!
The tech folks at our school are implementing Google Apps for Education next fall. They warned us that if we had already signed up using our school e-mail, then we would lose EVERYTHING. Did you run into this problem? Any idea how I can create a new Google account and "copy" my mail, calendar and reader information?
Found a blog post here by an English teacher in an environment using GA: http://enhancedenglishteachertseale.edublogs.org/2009/05/07/google-...
Great blog, insightful, helpful post.
Our school is using google apps for ed. Been just over a year, and we totally switched staff email last September.
We do provide student email accounts. However we are an overseas school and so have less red tape to deal with probably... however you can implement the Postini message archiving - or Google message security as it's called now, but that is not free... we're looking into it.

How we do deal with this though is our acceptable use policy states that no electronic communication is to be considered confidential and that they may be monitored at any time. You can configure a "master" password to log into anyone's account at any time if needed. Or disable the account temporarily.
We have been using Google Apps in our school since Febuary 2008. It has been a huge success. Both students and teachers have said it improves learning. For information on the implementation click here. for more information on our implementation of Google Apps.

I also have information posted my my non-profit educational web site connectingeducation.com

Please contact me if you need more information.
Hi Brian,
Just wondering.....what are google apps? Thanks.
Google Apps or Google Applications is a set of free tools that can be used by a schools or small business. It is essentially Gmail, Google Sites, Google Docs, Google Calendar. They are all put under an entire school umbrella with a separate log-in for the school (the tech people can set this up). The applications are amazing and increase collaboration and communication within a school and a district. There's more info here. http://www.google.com/a/help/intl/en/edu/index.html#utm_campaign=en...
I recently started a blog for teaching with Google Docs and Blogger. You may want to follow it, might be helpful:




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