I would like to know if you are using Twitter in your class. If son, how are you using it and what is the students reaction ?

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Hi there. i am using a twitter based app to communicate with all my classes this year. Check out this site i think it will work very well for you. It is new but best of all it is quick and simple to use. www.twiducate.com

Jonathan Smith
Toronto, Canada
Gr7-9 Computer Studies
I am in a technology class for teachers at my university as an education major and i found twiducate.com very interesting. I never knew such sites existed to help teachers and students communicate and learn in such a convenient and fun way! I will be sure to tell let my peers know about this site and hopefully use this in the future in my own classroom!
I am involved with a research project where Language Arts teachers are using twitter. Students are reading a play as a class, and the class pauses to twitter. The students twitter “in character” about what they are thinking. One class is doing The Crucible , it works well because of the large number of characters. When complete the students have a record of not only what was going on with character development, they have a record of their own change in thinking. Pretty Cool.
I think that's a really good idea. Before, I couldn't think of any reason for twitter to be in the classroom, but that makes sense. It allows the students to gain a better understanding of the types of characters in the story as well as a better grasp on what's happening. Not to mention it's fun and interactive and let's students see other student's perspectives about the characters.
I don't use it in my class per-say. I have a twitter account where I post educational/technology related links, school information, etc.

I might make it more of a class activity, but I doubt it. I teach k-5, they don't have email so they can't sign up for Twitter and "follow" me. But I will keep using it as a way to get out quick bits of information and fun links for the students (and their parents) and other teachers

I had not thought of Twitter as a classroom resource until I saw a post on this website about using it as a sort of social bookmarking site. They mentioned not having an easy "search-able" feature compared to the other common sites but it makes great sense. If you want to share news or certain links with others all you have to do is tweet it and it is available for all of your followers.
I am not sure that using twitter in the classroom would work in all cases, but as a platform for students to discuss class activities, assignments, and a place for parents to keep in touch with the teacher and what is happening in class is a good idea. It could provide a forum for students to find work they missed if absent. It also eliminates a parent trying to get in touch with a teacher via telephone, just log on and see what's happening.



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