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Educator Musing: McGraw-Hill and 360Ed Partnered To Create A Spark

“Today’s world is very different from the world baby boomers like me grew up in.  Is it a wonder, then, that by high school, very often both good students and bad ones, rich ones and poor ones, don’t much like school?”

            James Paul Gee – Author of What Video Games Have To Teach Us About Learning and Literacy


 “Research and experience have already shown that…


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My passions

I have a few passions that really define who I and remind me of why I became a teacher. In the past three years one of those has really motivate me to do more for my community and the young people in it. I went on my first cruise to Mexico in 2009. As I was riding the bus in Progresso to one of our excursions I witnessed poverty like I had never seen. The landscape was bare; no usable soil to speak of. A kitchen in this community was a fire pit in the backyard with whole chickens hanging for… Continue

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Collaboration is critical for progressive organizations to succeed – so says Harvard Business Review

Collaboration is critical for progressive organizations to succeed – so says HBR - Interactyx: http://bit.ly/j4CGF7 via @AddThis

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iEducate - The Future of Vocational Education

The iEducate project will host a free seminar & information event, taking place 13th July 2011 in Brussels, BIP, Zinneke meeting room, from 14.00 – 17.00. The iEducate team gives an informative insight into fascinating new technologies for learning & teaching in vocational education. The comprehensive program can be found at www.ieducate.eu.

 As there is a limited capacity of attendees, we kindly ask you to register for the event…


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Fear of Commitment: Looking for the Perfect Bookmark and File Sharing Site

I have a fear of commitment...to bookmarking sites.


Maybe I'm too picky. I'm waiting for the "Holy Grail" of sites: The free site that easily organizes both documents and websites and then pushes those items to my mobile devices. I want to put everything in one place - for free. I dream that this perfect system will one day appear on my dashboard and it will be love at first sight.



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The World of Education Technology: A Chat with Victor Rivero

Originally posted  - Enter The Blog

It seems that education technology is…


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Web quests - Love them !

I have just discovered web quests.  They are like scavenger hunts on the internet.  Well, truthfully, students can use any textbook too.  I can see using a quest in studying grammar and poetry even.  For example, pair students in working pairs (this is probably the hardest part).  Have each pair find 10 poets with short bios attached.  Then, have each pair chose an author to research more deeply.  Have them choose 2 poets out of their 10 for teacher approval.  We want no two pairings reporting… Continue

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The New Legacy: Death of eLearning 1.0

The New Legacy: Death of eLearning 1.0 - Interactyx: http://bit.ly/j8L5PK via @AddThis

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Media Guide for TRON now available

In April, Disney released the TRON Legacy 3-D/TRON Collection. TRON was addressing net neutrality before the world knew what the net was. This combo pack is the perfect classroom tool to begin the conversation. Yes, I get that Legacy was a not the best plot line but who cares. When you think about the “cutting edge” special effects that are now quaint in the first film and the fact that they actually had to do R&D for the costumes in the second, there’s a conversation to be had about how…


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“Visions of Students Today”. Whose education is it anyway?

If a picture is worth a thousand words ...how much is a video worth? These ones are priceless – for educators of post-compulsory students.  To call the two videos featured in this post “thought provoking” is an understatement. 

Both videos are created by Michael Wesch (pictured) – with a lot of help from students at Kansas State University.  The first,  “…


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Rhodes to Wisdom

In my quest to create a self-paced maths course that enables students to work anywehere between VELS levels 2 to 5, I recently purchased a Wacom Bamboo tablet. I bought this because Salam Khan uses it to make his videos. Who is Salman Khan? Check out the video below.

This week in maths, we are looking at the rather unexciting topic of multiplying fractions. This corresponds to level 3.25 in number in the mathematics… Continue

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Educator Musing: Students Have A Right To Mock Teachers On Facebook?

"Isn't the principal a dummy!" said a boy to a girl.

"Say, do you know who I am?" asked the girl.


"I'm the principal's daughter."

"And do you know who I am?" asked the boy.

"No," she replied.



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Lesson Plan for the First Day of Chemistry Class

I've often found the first day of chemistry class to be awkward to say the least.  You're standing up there nervous and excited to be the one to lead the students into the wonders of chemistry and science.  The students are sitting there wondering how much punishment the teacher is going to put them through and hoping for the occasional explosion.  Here is a lesson plan that is student centered and will take the teacher "off-stage."


The "Defining Chemistry" Lesson Plan is so…


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The End of Thinking?

This was given to me by a Professor who was going over some mind map ideas...But I think that the content of the mind map trumps its use as an aid in mind mapping...Very Powerful and insightful.



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Is Twitter a Waste of Time?

Is Twitter a Waste of Time? - Infographic - Interactyx: http://bit.ly/kvuE9y via @AddThis

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Independent Writing: One Teacher - Thirty-Two Needs, Topics, and Plans (Colleen Cruz): A Book Review


Two student statements resonate with me like fingernails down a chalkboard: I don't have anything to write about and I'm done. In …


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AACE ED-MEDIA & Global Meeting for Gifted Education in Second Life

3D virtual worlds presentations!


Next edtech conference: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education's (AACE) ED-MEDIA in Lisbon, Portugal:




Co-teacher Alex Makosz and I will present our paper: "Using 3D Virtual Worlds -- OpenSimulator, Quest Atlantis -- to Teach International School Students Computer Science and Human Values."


You can get the…


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Not Your Father's EDU Conference

With a premiere Technology-in-Education Conference, ISTE11, coming in a matter of days, I find myself comparing the Education conferences of old to the social media-influenced Education conferences of today. There is a world of differences, but, unfortunately, many of these differences have yet to be discovered by educators who have failed to recognize the juggernaut of social media. For many years I was a board member of NYSCATE, an educational technology group for New York educators. A…


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