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Blogging About Social Networking and Digital Citizenship

There was quite a bit of learning that I got out of the exploration of these two areas this week. I have had some brief exposure related to the integration of social networking tools in an education environment. I have seen tools such as Ning used to create learning experiences that immerse students in the material as well as create a community of peers. I have also seen how Twitter has been used to share valuable educational resources that students can share with one another. What I have…


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Social Networking Does Not Have to Equal Social Media

Social media and social networking do not have to be considered synonymous.  While in most aspects, these two types of sites are the same thing, their integration into classroom teaching can be completely different.  When a person thinks of social media, they will typically think first of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  While these sites can have a place in education, I, as well as many other teachers, have been reluctant to integrate them in my classroom.…


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Lessons from the locker room

I've learned two things since I've joined the gym.

One-I thought you just had to join a gym. Nope, you have to keep going to the gym. Over and over.

Two-you can't rest when you reach a milestone, you always have to try something harder.

When I first walked in, I was pretty overwhelmed. There's lots of complicated machines and scary equipment. Everyone there looks like they know…

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Week 3: Blogging about Acceptable Use Policies

The acceptable use policy for my school is located in a variety of areas as opposed to an official, central location. The policies I found, for the most part, entail a blanket statement that covers the acceptable use of all technology. The policy does not follow the traditional format of an effective AUP but it does contain some of the elements of an AUP. Due to the lack of a cohesive format and the variation in where the information is located may indicate the policy is not…


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I thought I'd eventually be out of a job.

I ask a student to attach a file to an email and I get a blank stare.

I tell the class to open a new tab so they have two websites open at the same time and I have to show them how to do that a few times.

I assume that since they are growing up with technology they naturally know how to use it, but I am shown on a daily basis that this is not the case. They know how to get to their game website and play till their…

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Acceptable Use Policies: Comparing NEA’s Guidelines for an Effective AUP to My School District’s Own

The National Education Association made a suggested list of key elements for an effective Acceptable Use Policy.  The following is a breakdown of each element and how well my school district has enacted these guidelines.


  1. Preamble: It is recommended that an AUP begin with an opening statement containing an explanation of why the policy is necessary, what its goals are, and how the policy was…


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Memorial Day Activities for Your Kids

Memorial Day is a national holiday reserved for honoring and remembering those who have served in the armed forces, especially those who have lost their lives while in the military and defending the United States.

This is also an opportunity to teach your kids about Memorial Day through patriotic themed activities. Here are four you can try on Memorial…


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Bloom's Taxonomy & Marzano's Nine Strategies

Since I am new to the field of teaching, I received quite a bit of new knowledge from the exposure to Bloom’s Taxonomy and Marzano’s nine instructional strategies. By examining these two areas I was able to see how an educator can harness these pieces to create better learning for their students. I was able to see how Bloom’s Taxonomy builds knowledge from lower level skills to higher level skills. Each level indicated a deeper knowledge being demonstrated by the student. I also noticed that…


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Bloom's Revised Taxonomy vs. Digital Bloom's Taxonomy

Comparison Table

There are many ways to expose students to best practices in graphic design. Some of the best methods seem to tie in well with higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy as well as the tools associated with Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. Adapting, collaborating, evaluating, and inventing are all integral pieces to design work. Additionally, the…


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Students Blogging - Bloom is Proud (even if he would have no idea what blogging is)

One of my favorite lessons in US History was the integration of blogging with my students.  I used a blog to create digital discussions amongst my students throughout the chapter.  Students were required to research and understand six topics from a chapter focused on the Age of Jackson (a time in our history including famous events such as the Trail of Tears and Nullification Crisis), then answer a blog question for at least three of the topics.  Students responded to…


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Integrating Bloom’s Taxonomy and Marzano’s Instructional Strategies

Tried and true strategies -- Most teachers are familiar with Bloom and Marzano as they go through the training process of what they hope becomes a long and successful career as an educator.  However integrating these principles may not always be as successful as one might hope.  But successful integration is a goal that we, as teachers, should always be striving toward because this is how we can move from being a teacher to a challenger of student thinking.  Bloom’s Taxonomy…


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Blog #4

Este articulo es de los familias que no se pueden reuniesen. Autoridades de inmigración negaron un permiso humanitario a su esposo para entrar Estados Unidos, y ahora evalúa presentar una demanda colectiva por el daño que la separación produce en los hijos y esposos estadounidenses. El respuesta es como si nos dijeran: No me importa el sufrimiento de tus hijos y el tuyo”. Es injusto que los maltratan estos …


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Blog #5

Liberan a 103 inmigrantes secuestran en Mexico

         Les llaman los "reyes del secuestro" en Mexico. Los delincuentes del Estado de Mexico secuestran a comerciantes, vendedores ambulantes, amas de casa, vecinos, familiares, amigos, empresarios y ultimamnete a indocumentados. En el municipio de Axapusco reportaron el rescate de 103 inmigrantes de Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduas, la India y Sri Lanka. Los tenian secuestrados en una casa de…


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Blog No. 4

Los Estados Unidos aprobó un nuevo servicio de ferry que permitirá americanos a viajar desde Florida hasta Cuba. Esta será la primera vez en más de cincuenta años que podemos entrar a Cuba por medio de los Estados Unidos.

Este es un gran paso a una gran relación entre estos dos países y creo que vas hacer un gran beneficio. No sólo nosotros, como americanos, podrá a viajar al extranjero a un país que no hemos podido visitar a través de nuestras fronteras, ahora podemos ver lo que este…


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Blog #4 Noticias del Momento

El articulo que yo decidi escribir sobre se titula "Enfermeras Protestan Frente al Palacio Nacional en Demanda de Reinvindicaciones." En este articulo me entere de que las enfermeras de La Republica Dominicana hicieron una protesta en frente del Palacio Nacional exigiendo un incremento de sueldo a por lo menos 30,000 pesos mensual, pensiones para las enfermeras que tienen mucho tiempo trabajando y estan en su edad de retirarse. Tambien piden que le den mas trabajos a enfermeras porque estan…


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Blog #4- "Publican reporte para ayudar a inmigrantes"

En el verano de 2014 , miles de niños cruzaron la frontera sin compañía de un adulto hacia los Estados Unidos , que luego se convirtió en la más grande crisis de inmigración de todos los tiempos. La razón que ellos cruzaron la frontera fue porque ellos querían a escaparse de toda la violencia, drogas, y abuso. Un nos de los niños que decidió a cruzar la frontera para que mejore su vida fue Santos Amaya, una salvadoreña de 17 años. El dijo, “Cuando llegué no supe ni qué significaba what’s…


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The division of labour is the specialization of cooperating individuals who perform specific tasks and roles. Because of the large amount of labour saved by giving workers specialized tasks in Industrial Revolution-era factories, some classical economists as well as some mechanical engineers such as…


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blog 4: la injusticia

El primero de mayo seis los agentes de policía en Baltimore fueron acusados de la muerte de  Freddie Gray.  Los Abogados y la sociedad están diciendo que Freddie no tenía chance para sobrevivir. Fue detenido el 12 de abril y murió una semana más tarde murrio por sus heridas. Antes de ser arrestado  tuvo un accidente y fue operado en el cuello y la columna vertebral. Hubo disturbios en Baltimore debido a la injusticia de la policía y los asesinatos de las comunidades negras. Incluso tenían un…


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Blog #4

Clinton mantendrá los alivios migratorios si gana en 2016 

En una entrevista telefónica desde Brooklyn a, Amanda Rentería directora política nacional de la campaña de Hillary Clinton, afirmo que si Clinton gana la presidencia en el 2016 mantendrá los alivios migratorios. Clinton ha recibido críticas sobre la inmigración, de que no ha explicado con claridad como ayudara a los indocumentados si llega a ser presidenta de los…


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