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Moodle Training Videos | On Demand Tutorials for Online Instructors

UW-Stout's E-Learning for Educators online graduate course includes an introduction to Moodle.…

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Time Management Strategies for Online Instructors

Kay Lehmann and Lisa Chamberlin the outstanding online instructors  who teach the University of Wisconsin Stout's Creating Collaborative Communities in E-learning, created a one-stop page for advice and tips on:… Continue

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The long and winding road to an online teaching career.

The best time to look for work is when you already have a job. This is when you make your plans.  Planning to leave the face to face classroom for virtual work takes preparation as well.

Finding a… Continue

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Me Gusta Flamenco

Querida mamá:

Estoy en Madrid, capital de España. Anoche fui a un bonito espectáculo de flamenco. Este estilo de música y baile es originalmente de Andalucía, en el sur de España, y tiene influencias de las culturas gitana, árabe y judía.

Bueno, te escribo más mañana... ¡desde la Argentina!


Maestra Latina

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Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs: Who’s the Better Public Speaker?

I suppose I expect a lot from the CEO’s of large corporations (especially successful and innovative ones). I expect them to be very intelligent, great evangelists for their products and along with that great public speakers. Just for fun I thought I would examine the public speaking skills of two of the most well known tech CEOs, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates  (however Gates is no longer the CEO of Microsoft).

To be fair, I have uploaded product launches that each CEO has done in the…


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Una Fiesta en Casa



Ayer yo hablé con mis padres.  Ellos hicieron una fiesta en casa.  Le dieron a mi prima una fiesta de cumpleaños.

Ellos le compraron a ella muchos regalos porque ella es una chica muy simpática y muy inteligente.  También, ella (su nombre es María Coseta) es muy graciosa.  Ayer, María…


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After the first mentor meeting

The first mentor meeting already came and went.  In an odd coincidental manner, we were able to schedule all the meetings for the students on the same day, at three different times.  In this way, as PYP coordinator, I am able to go drop in the meetings, the homeroom teachers have an easier time organizing their day and the mentors all know it's always going to be on the same day, except when they decide to meet more.

Actually, I reluctantly decided not to be a mentor this year, in…


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Bienvenidos a Nuestra Salon de la Clase - Cuarto 235


Cada día estoy pensando en ustedes. Yo creo que español es muy importante para sus vidas y sus futuros.


Quiero que ustedes vengan a nuestra clase, “Cuarto 235,” en la red frecuentemente. Ustedes tienen que practicar la lengua de español para mejorase todos los días. No se olviden practicar…


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Facebook In The Classroom. Seriously.

Do Popular Social Networking Applications Have A Place In The Classroom? A Growing Number Of Educators Say ‘Yes’.


The post, “100 Ways To Teach With Twitter”, is the most consistently viewed article on Similarly, “…


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Google Art Project

I couldn't find anything on the wiki about the Google Art Project.  Our art teacher Ms. Saeger introduced me to this incredible online art gallery last month and it completely blew my mind.  You can virtually visit and explore 13 different famous art galleries from around the world...amazing!


Can you imagine if they extend this to Natural History Museums or Science and Technology…


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21 Touches

We depend upon the fine products, services and information that we obtain from reputable vendors and manufacturers -- we depend upon them for the success of our organizations. Then why is it that so many encounters with sales reps leave us feeling, well, cheap?

This week, Joe Schuch follows up Anita's cheeky dance story (about how salesmen stopped phoning her once they discovered she had no…


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Designing a Home

For most families, housing is the area of need that requires the greatest expenditure of money over the lifespan.   In the Family and Consumer Sciences classroom, students create a book that explains the process of making wise decisions about housing.  First, they analyze the needs of a family, including how their values, the type of family and the stage of the family life cycle, affect their choices. They’ll write the text, upload it into the…


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Self Contained Middle School Math Standards and Frameworks - GPS


In a lot of ways, Georgia, and Atlanta Public Schools in particular are always early to the party. This school system is always willing to adopt new reforms ahead of many other school systems, particularly those in metro Atlanta. One of the most significant reforms that APS has adopted over recent years is the push for special needs students to be included in the regular education program whenever possible.  SEBD and EBD students in particular have benefit from this push. This is…


Added by Jovan D. Miles on March 26, 2011 at 4:42pm — 1 Comment

Implementing a 1:1 iPad scheme

Original Blog Post - click here


Planning is always the key to implementing any new mobile device scheme into an educational establishment. Many questions need to be asked and solved in order for the scheme to be successful. Having already implemented a very successful…


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Looking for U.S. Algebra 1 Teachers for Teacher Advisory Board

Dear Classroom 2.0 Colleagues,


I am now the product manager of an exciting new service being developed which will provide live on demand professional development to teachers.  We have a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant for starting up and piloting the service in several school districts with Algebra 1 teachers.  Learn more here:


We want to be sure the service is useful to…


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EctoLearning is a Solid Contender for Best Free Online CMS

EctoLearning offers useful course management functionality for free (and it’s all free, no limitations).


Last week I decided the next step in searching for the best free online Course Management Systems was to take a closer look EctoLearning and…


Added by Kelly Walsh on March 21, 2011 at 6:35am — 1 Comment

Embracing games in the Classroom.


Can a student learn through playing an educational base game? Some educators frown upon the idea of using educational game activities as an intervention tool to enhance the content knowledge of their students. However, today's students are hardwired with cell phones, I pods, laptops and little thing called the World…


Added by jmitchell on March 20, 2011 at 7:42pm — 2 Comments

10 videos that WILL ignite a discussion - Part 4

This is part 4 of the "videos that WILL ignite a discussion" series. I have been using these videos during PD sessions, as well as during Power Lunch sessions to spur discussion and reflection. As educators, it is crucial that we are constantly in a state of reflection and evaluation, and with the help of these videos educators are able to engage in thoughtful and productive…


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IT/ICT Teacher Wanted - 3D Virtual Worlds

Is it OK to advertise job openings via Classroom 2.0? Hope so. ;)


Changchun American International School is looking for an IT/ICT teacher to start as of August 2011. Experience with 3D virtual worlds -- Second Life, OpenSim, Quest Atlantis -- preferred but not essential. required! For more information, see Digital Learning World ( or my blog, InDeeds (…


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MACUL 2011 in Detroit, Michigan A Big Success!

Here are some GREAT LINKS for Teachers to Use- (Compliments of Rushton Hurley & Others!)-

From the MACUL Keynote Conference Speaker Rushton Hurley- "Powerful &

Free Tools for Teachers"-

Another Great Worldwide Collaboration Network for Teachers- (I am a member)…


Added by Steven Barber on March 19, 2011 at 9:43am — No Comments

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