When should 'new technology' be brought into the classroom?

In a recent discussion for one of my classes, my instructor proposed the question of when new technology should be brought into the classroom.  For example, should iPads be used in the classroom?  And, if so, when?  

Personally, I think that while Ipads have educational purposes it needs to be assessed what purpose they will be serving in the classroom and if a current technology device could achieve the same goal. Since they are a new fad, the cost may be greater for Ipads which may be an unnecessary increase in technology expenses. I feel that it is necessary to bring in 'new technology' when it is not brought in because it is a new fad but when it is required and its services are necessary in order for a student to achieve his or her highest potential.

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Dear Caroyln,

The cost to benefit equation must always be considered in every organization just as we do in our everyday lives.
Purchasing something new for the sake of its "newness" is unwise in education, business and at home.

Manufacturers and Vendors(like me) cannot be trusted with their benefit ratios, their primary goal is to make sales and profits. I see technology equipment in some schools that make me wonder "Why did they buy that?" Advertising creates a state of "need", not just availability, but of urgency. The consumer, in this case the school or district, must seek confirmation from non commercial sources. Hence, the true value of Classroom 2.0. A few manufacturers have excellent, well trained, enthusiastic sales teams....I mean, these Guys and Gals are GOOD! They could sell a hairbrush to a bald headed guy.

There are a few discussions concerning iPod and iPads in class. Their applications are very interesting. But no school has unlimited funds. Spent funds must have significant measurable benefits. Spending at the end of a fiscal period becomes haphazard. I'll get calls from schools saying that they have to spend this money today! OK! What can I do?
With or without teeth, its a gift horse either way.

Stick to your guns, stick to your tech plan. Spend, but spend wisely.

To answer your primary question: You purchase and implement the technology when the Value equals or exceeds the Cost.....That's your call. JJC
I think new technology should be brought into the classroom gradually. When people are presented with something unfamiliar, they are most likely reluctant to use it. Like you said, schools shouldn't bring it in because it's the newest, most innovative thing that will suddenly teach kids a lot more than just a textbook, but because they feel that it's more beneficial than other forms of technology.
I completely agree with you. As of right now I think bringing iPads into any classroom would be just a distraction and there wouldn't be much learning from it as you would hope. When computers first came out everyone wanted to have and use one and now our phones are practically computers. iPads are new and I do feel students would see it as a new toy to play with rather than a learning tool. Maybe once this new item excitement dies down and the costs decrease, schools can possibly see a use for them!
What about using iPads to replace textbooks at the high school level? New textbooks are expensive and easily ruined through mishandling. (Of course, an iPad could be easily ruined too!) What if textbooks were imported into the iPad and all other content cleared? Students could have updated textbooks each year and interactive learning modules to go with lessons. Wouldn't this enhance the learning of these students?
The textbook suggestion is a great idea! I was not sure what would be so special to use the Ipad from other technological devices, but if it is monetarily possible for the classroom then I say go for it.
iPads to replace textbooks is definitely a good idea; they're a lot less heavier and bulky. However, iPads are also expensive and allowing students to have easy access to that type of technology could definitely lead to damage and even more money funneling in to replace that damage. Plus, I doubt the textbook and learning module apps would be free, so not only would the schools be paying for the iPad, they'd still be paying for the textbooks, in a way.
I think iPads should be integrated when all the hype surrounding it dies down. If anything, Apple will probably come up with a newer version in a little while, anyways.
The technology of electronic textbooks is on the horizon. It won't be a Kindle or an iPad or a Nook, but it will be utilizing the same technology.
The major publishers will produce a new "reader" that can be purchased or leased by the school. This new device will read "licensed" text books downloaded over the internet. It may be able to link wirelessly to the teacher's computer and interactive classroom system. The device will be an interactive classroom system that will integrate, homework, testing, communication, and lesson plans.
The technology exists. I am certain that it is in development. It just makes good business sense.
I think this will be a great new addition to technology. And, I think it will be much better to have something created that is specifically designed to be used as a textbook!!
I think this would be an excellent way to use iPads in the classroom! However, I feel that not many schools can afford to buy every student an iPad, plus pay for the copyrights or any other miscellaneous expenses in order to incorporate this way of learning at this point in time. If a school can afford this, then by all means it is an excellent idea! However, I feel that the school will need to make sure the student's understand the cost and respect them as a tool not a toy.
I totally agree with you.
I think new technology should be brought into the classroom when it has been proven to actually benefit the education of students and not just entertain them. I also feel that the implementation of this new technology should not break the school's budget. I agree with you on the fact that not everything that is new is good to use.
The budget has to be the first consideration when choosing technology in the classroom. While it may be fun to have things like an iPad, you need to have a reason for having it, as well as a plan to obtain the correct number to be efficient or devise a plan to share it throughout the class.



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