Hi Again! I would like to know what 5 websites or interent tools you consider your favourite and why. I aim to include some reference to those chosen by most of you both in the new group I am trying to make grow and in my wiki. You are all welcome to visit them and participate as well.



Thank you

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I really like twitter's "Poll Daddy" tool to create polls. We just voted on whether or not Socrates was guility of "corrupting the youth," My students go to seedebate.org to read and blog current events, and I really like voicethread.com for digital storytelling. I plan on using Toondo.com for a project on creating political cartoons..
Thanks for sharing Pamela. I have never used seedebate. I will have a look!
I like Pixton.com for political cartoons, but toondoo is cool too.
The best kept secret is at www.TheMathWebSite.com.
Thank you Frank, I will include this site!
Thank you Wade. I also use RSS. Anyway, Could you please name 5 of those 150 sites that you use more often?
thanks again
Paula, I use www.educationworld.com. It is a huge site for K-12, teachers and administrators. Also, our state Dept. of Education website is a huge, helpful resource.
Very complete site! thanks for sharing Sarah!
For teaching Spanish the following site offer students comprehensive reviews and enrichment


Thanks for sharing these useful sites Fred! I did not have any connected to the teaching of Spanish so far.These will be really relevant for many educators who teach this language!
Please consider joining www.teach-with-internet.ning.com
thank you
By the way, have you seen this site?
I think www.glogster.com/edu is fantastic - it's not subject specific, just great for presenting students' work in a multimedia and fun way.



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