I am wondering if any of you have use MOODLE with very young students. Emerging writers I'd like to hear your input.

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I've done a dozen online book discussions using Moodle (and Blackboard) with 4th-6th graders. Is that young enough? I can't see why primary students couldn't use it. Let me know if you need more info, I have mixed feelings about the book discussion format, but found Moodle easy to set up and the students found it easy to use.
Thanks Nancy! My students are 1st-3rd grade. I haven't used Moodle, this will be my first time (;-
Have you seen Mary Cooch's book "Moodle 1.9 for Teaching 7-14 Year Olds"? It just came out a few months ago. It is well written, easy to understand, and has good ideas for using Moodle with younger students.
We have a teacher in our school district who teaches a 2-3 class and is so successful using Moodle. If you have a contact address, I can send her name your contact information. She teaches in the Brownsburg Community School Corporation in a suburb of Indianapolis.
Thank you very much. I give you my website and my emails are just there...www.spanishworkshopforchildren.com
Marcela, If you get any good ideas from The Indianapolis teacher, share here.
Sure, I will. I am trying to learn as much as I can on tech to see "what" I can use with young students, especially with world languages. My students are very young (PreK to 3rd), so it is difficult -at least for me- to use tech in the classroom other than games.



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