Today was my 25th 'first' day back to school. What is the best and worst things about school starting?

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From a parent's perspective, it is always anticipation. This year, my son starts his 6th grade and I am anxious. :)
Hi Nancy,

Happy 25th!

This will be my 27th "first" day of school. The best thing about school starting is that it is a new year, with new students, with new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow-not only for the students, but for me as their teacher, too. This is an exciting time to be in education. My district finally installed Smartboards in our elementary classrooms this summer so I look forward to using that. I attended a Tech Summer Camp offered by my school district. My eyes have been opened to what is out there. I want to do everything right now, but I know I need to focus on one thing at a time or I might get overwhelmed and end up not doing anything.

The worst thing about school starting is that I won't have the time to learn more about/explore/play with the Web 2.0 tools I just learned about. I can get lost for hours on the computer clicking and following. I won't be able to do that. I have to shift into school-mode where other people control the majority of my time. UGH!

I hope that you had a great first day!
Fran :-)
Best thing? Getting back into a "routine"

Worst? The meetings you get bogged down in the first week back.
Best thing? Reconnecting with students; finding new books to read

Worst thing? Having to deal with complainers--students who complain about the teachers; teachers who complain about the students
THis is my 12th Back-to-school. The bests far outweigh the worsts:

I love getting back into my room and into my routine. I like the control I have over my room and space at school, compared with the chaos that is my house in the summer. I love the anticipation of getting started with the new students and getting my curriculum off the ground.

I hate many of the negative attitudes among my friends and colleagues. Every day seems like a bad day to them, and everyone else is flawed but them. Really knocks the wind out of my sails.

Then there are the parents. I look forward to meeting the nice ones and do not look forward at all to finding out who are the meanies and the nuts, there always seems to be a few that make life miserable.

Overall, I am looking forward to starting in a few weeks, almost impatient...
I just completed week one of year 22. Teaching continues to be a rewarding, fun career. I love MOST OF ALL connecting with my sixth and seventh grade science students. I have a real love for the honesty and awkwardness of the middle school student. I'm a bit dismayed, however, that I'm finding it difficult to be excited and upbeat this year. I dreaded the end of my summer break and now I'm having a hard time adjusting to the routine of real life. Usually I talk a big game (don't want summer to end, etc) but secretly I'm awfully excited about the new school year. This year that excitement's not there yet and I had to drag myself through the first week of school. My students are cute, attentive, and hopeful for their school year and they excite me when I'm in front of them. I certainly hope that my joy comes back soon. Is there anyone out there feeling the same way as me?
Best: new, terrified little 7th graders ready to be molded

Worst: Eve took mine, the week of meetings :)
School starts for us next week the 31st, and I feel excited! I teach technology
to all the children 300+ students k-8 and I am always excited to come back with new ideas and projects.

Since I teach all the students my ideas must be new since I had the students the previous year. I also will be teaching an Ecology through Technology class this year to our middle school students.

Having an environment like this makes my work easier, since I come here, to blogs and ezine to help me stay informed.

Worst:MMMMMMMMMMMMMM see me in about a month



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