Any teachers out there have smartboards ? How are you using it? Do you find it helpful as a teaching resource?

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We are lucky to have smartboards at our school but the biggest problem is that we have 2 smartboards (older), 1 promethean board and 10 interwrite boards-and it seems all with a different interface. The biggest plus with the interwrite boards is that they are wireless. Does anyone else have this issue at their school? If so, how have you integrated the different systems so they are used more frequently? Any thoughts....
I have a SMART board and the Mimio interactive whiteboard in my classroom. I love the tactile feel of the SMART board and the flash based templates, but our district went with the Mimio solution, mainly because they were cheaper. The SMART board has evolved into an expensive "center" activity. Over the last year, I've come to really appreciate interactive white boards, regardless of the brand. As a teaching resource, I have to say I can never go back to a plain old whiteboard again. The most effective way I use it now is with a wireless slate/pad/(whatever you want to call it)-- so I can literally stand anywhere in the classroom and instruct from there. I used to stand in front of the board all the time. Now, I just have my students approach the board while I direct from either the back or side of the classroom. Sometimes, I'll just plop down in an absent student's desk and facilitate from there. I hardly ever write on it anymore directly - 90% of my interaction is either from the computer itself or the wireless pad. It's totally changed the way I teach (for the better). I discuss this kind of stuff now and then on my blog. I also published an article recently for Ed Tech Magazine on the topic, if you're interested, called Make the Most of Your Interactive Whiteboard.
I have an ELMO TT-02RX and LCD Projector in my class. I made my own "smartboard" using a wiimote and an ir led pen that I made. I also want resources to use with my board. There are tons of great sites out there but you need to spend a lot of time to find them. So, I created my own website that puts them all in one spot by grade level. K-5. Check out Johnny Lee at Ted. Johnny Lee Video

Check out my site.

Let me know what you think.
Are you able to do your read-alouds using this resource yet. I have found a really great resource called PowerPoint books. Check it out when you have a chance.
I'm a technology specialist and I help other teachers integrate technology into their classrooms. I've been frustrated with the lack of interest teachers in my building show about using the Smartboards and airliners. We have 4 boards and almost every teacher has an airliner. My administrator has said she will get more boards if teachers use the ones we have.

The most frequent reason I hear from teachers about why they won't use the boards is student control. I've been told that the students focus more on who gets to use the board, rather than the lesson and teachers don't want to take time away from their lessons. I know (especially after reading these great uses) that there are teachers out there effectively using them! Can anyone give suggestions for how they keep classroom management under control and still use the board? Thanks!
The SMART Board is a great tool to use for instruction. The SMART Response clickers would be excellent for involving all students. We have a set in just about every school and the students love to use them for review, participation and being involved in class. There is a SMART Response (and SMART Board groups) at with lots of resources that you and your teachers are welcome to browse through and join the 5500 users sharing ideas, tips and Notebook files at I would also post your question on the SMART Board Revolution Ning for the 5500 SMART Board users to give you feedback....:)

You can view the SMART Response clicker info at We mainly have the SMART Response PE for grades 2-12 and the SMART Response LE for prek-1. Contact your SMART reseller for a free demo of the SMART Response and pricing.
Darcie raises a good question. I am going to have a Promethean board this fall and I would like to know what kind of rules / procedures you have that are specific to the use of the IWB.
Create a special way for children to be included in the class lectures will be SMART Board to help improve language teaching for students with special needs, and consequently, stimulate positive participation and content in the classroom? Or SMART Board to enhance the learning environment for students with special needs?
Conclusions: "special master should be noted that the most significant attribute of attention and motivation of students had when working with the board. The study did not reduce the enthusiasm and the students continue to want to complete most tasks with the toolbar. Collaborative interaction in the group with improved over time. It is a constant motivation and persistence, using the board are two key factors to help with the learning outcomes.
She said raising the level of participation of all students in both classes. It seems that the relationship between the need to amend and change the level of student involvement.
I love my Smartboard and can't imagine teaching without it! I teach first grade, so I find that interactive web-based games are highly motivating to my students. I have created Notebooks for almost all of my math lessons and we easily jump from streaming video, to virtual manipulatives, to online games with the links I have embedded. Even just coming up to the board to write with a pen, highlight, or erase words is motivating to them.
Do you do any of your read alouds using the smartboard? I have found a perfect resource for this. at
I use my SMARTboard for almost all subjects in my grade one classroom. I use SMART notebook to build my sequence of lessons for all my units. The interactive board is excellent for teaching math concepts and allowing kids to manipulate objects as they count, represent and problem solve.
Check out if you haven't already. The kids can create projects, but you can also create lessons, introductories, guidelines, etc. that is something different that they haven't seen.



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