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Google Apps

            Google Apps has created programs that allow teachers to integrate into their classrooms to help students experience technology. These apps can help me be more efficient as an educator by allowing my students to integrate technology into their learning and experience it for themselves. Gmail allows students to have the responsibility of checking their own mailbox (it is always fun receiving mail when you are young!) but has a component for teachers to have an administration…


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Every Day is Digital Literacy Day for Us!

Today is Digital Learning Day! To mark the occasion, let me take you through a quick walkthrough of the halls of Wamogo Regional Middle/High School and give you a snapshot on how digital learning…


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Veterans Day, Google Apps, And More

I know everyone is ready for that first bright day when our students return to socialize and learn. But here are a few ideas for using Google Apps, including an activity for Veterans Day: a short 150 word essay on the simple topic "Honor All Veterans." This was sponsored by our local VFW last year, but two of my students carried it further, and if you use Google Apps, you might want to try this, or adapt it to another project.



Google Docs is our tool to…


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Google Apps

We are a School District of about 73,000 students. We have about 90 schools! We are in the process of moving to Google Apps. We realize NY Schools have already made this move. Can anyone provide some best practices for the roll out of a system this large?


IE: How did you prepare the students for this new responsibility, What training? New Policies? Did you roll it out with a lot of features all at once or are you phasing it in?Are you delegating admin to each school or…


Added by George Grachis on January 25, 2011 at 12:08pm — 5 Comments

From the Labs: Google Tools You May Not Know

From Search to Maps to Docs, Google offers tons of free tools that have had a great impact on technology in the classroom. The best thing about Google, though, is that it is continually innovating. Here are some of my favorite educational applications from Google Labs, Google's test bed for new Internet technology.

Find out what my favorite Google Labs tools are here:… Continue

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Seven FREE Cloud Tools Every Teacher Should Know

As I've said before, cloud-based applications play a big role in my everyday computing and my classroom tech integration. Here's an annotated list of my seven favorite cloud tools.…


Added by Derrick Waddell on July 25, 2010 at 8:30pm — 4 Comments

Get Better Google Search Results

Web searches are changing. Since Google's inception in the late 90s, the amount of information on the web has grown exponentially. With websites, blogs, images, music, videos and social networking from all over the globe, the amount of information online is simply astonishing. Sometimes, finding that information can be tricky. A recent trend is to crowd…


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The Future of the Internet

Pew recently conducted a survey of 895 technology “stakeholders,” comprised of both technology experts and individuals who represent the Internet savvy public. The survey presented “potential-future scenarios to which respondents [reacted] with their expectations based on current knowledge and attitudes.” MORE...… Continue

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Using Cloud Computing to Improve School Communication

If schools are going to use technology to improve organizational processes, it’s important their leaders consider moving many of the school’s daily operations onto a cloud-based network. MORE...

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Five Apps for Busy Educators

Staying organized during a hectic school year is certainly a difficult task. With hundreds of e-mails, phone messages, parent conferences, and meetings, staying organized can seem impossible. To help, I’ve put together a short list of helpful apps I use to stay on top of things. MORE...

Added by Shawn Roner on January 21, 2010 at 10:03pm — 2 Comments

What do planet Earth, Madonna and Google all have in common? They are constantly evolving. Unlike the Earth and Madonna however, Google’s technology can really facilitate success. These services will…

What do planet Earth, Madonna and Google all have in common? They are constantly evolving. Unlike the Earth and Madonna however, Google’s technology can really facilitate success. These services will allow you to streamline your productivity and be on the forefront of technology—all the while putting you ahead of the curve in professional and personal spheres. Here are 25 of the best, most obscure Google programs that you’ve never heard of…


Universal Search… Continue

Added by Allie Freeland on November 18, 2009 at 5:30pm — No Comments

Grading Online Quizzes Created by Google Docs Automatically

For teachers, grading quiz results for paper test manually is definitely a hard job. Google Docs provides a good way for teachers to create online quizzes or surveys for teaching and learning, you can view the posts about creating quizzes and sharing… Continue

Added by SunnyY on October 27, 2009 at 1:48am — No Comments

Google Docs for Online Classroom: Sharing Quizzes to Invite Students to Take the Quiz

At the last post about creating online quizzes with Google Docs, I showed you the steps to create online quizzes with Google Docs. In this post, I will guide you to share the quizzes you created and then invite others to take quizzes.

You can share the quiz spreadsheet with others or publish it. About sharing quiz spreadsheet online… Continue

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Has Technology Transformed Your Practice? Take This Survey!

Transforming Teaching and Learning Survey

At the end of October, I will have the privilege of attending an education summit at Google entitled, "Breakthrough Learning in a Digital Age ". Before this event, I will be blogging on the topic of transforming teachers' practices with digital technologies.

I have some pretty specific ideas in mind that I'd like to include in my blog posting. I also would like… Continue

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Free Collaborative Platforms for Teachers: Part 1 - Google Apps

Reposted from Meg's Notebook.

Google Apps Education Edition is a free suite of hosted communication & collaboration applications specifically geared at schools (universities and K-12).

If a school board does not want to, or is unwilling to, invest in Google apps for education, a teacher can… Continue

Added by Meg H on July 2, 2009 at 10:00pm — 3 Comments

Collaborative Documents

[This is part 2 of a short series on Collaboration & Brainstorming Tools on, where I blog every week about the use of emerging internet technologies in education. Please stop by and check out a topic of interest today!]

This week in our investigation of collaboration and brainstorming tools, we’re checking out collaborative document editing tools. Last week we took a brief look at some mind mapping/idea… Continue

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DEN in SL Event!!

Make plans to attend,"Searching Google in a Snap" by our own Lisa Thumann at the DEN in SL at 5pmSLT(8pmEDT) at Sign up for a google account prior to the workshop. Lisa is a Senior Specialist in Technology Education in New Jersey. She is a Google Certified Teacher who will be talking about

* Search Features

* Web Search

* Insights for Search

* Language Tools

* Book Search

* Scholar Search

* News Search

* Blog Search

*… Continue

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Online Postcard Exchange using Google Maps

Please join our K-12 Google online Postcard exchange project. This

project was started this month by my school in Beaverton, Oregon. We

invite you to participate in our collaborative Google Map project (see URL below).

It is open to classrooms of ALL ages and any location. The main goal

of this project is to share famous landmarks, locations, or unique

aspects of your home state or region.

Go to my website to learn more about the… Continue

Added by Colette Cassinelli on October 7, 2008 at 9:42pm — No Comments

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