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Please visit our website!

Hi,  I am an education student at The College of Wooster and a book group and I made a website that is reaching out to third grade teachers about personalization in schools (although we would love for everyone to visit the site!).  We have a survey and discussion questions on the site, which we would love for you to answer, but it would also be great if you just looked at the website.  Let us know if you have any feedback or questions.



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Super School, Super teachers, Super students

Hi all.

It has been a long time since I have made any activity on this page, so I thought I might just start a blog about my School and some of the great work that is going on. During the next few weeks I will add lots more stuff about the innovative work we are doing and some of the great results we are seeing in our kids.

But, I do have an agenda. I would love to take the opportunity to nominate my colleagues James Rammage and Kathryn O'Bree for their amazing work on using…


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The World of Social Media 2011.

This video infographic shows all the latest facts & figures about social media…


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Virtual Reality

  • Now that you have researched the view opposite of yours, how have your thoughts changed?
    • Not really; I think VR is a valuable technology but it needs to be used in moderation.  If something tangible is available, I would not substitute something virtual for it.
  • Do virtual worlds offer more advantages over more traditional learning environments?
    • I would say that whether virtual worlds offer more advantages over traditional environments all…

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Epic Mindshift

It isn’t often my whole conception of how I teach shifts, but it did yesterday. I had one of the most powerful conversations around education of my career yesterday. And the people who shifted my thinking were thirty-eight students between the ages of ten and twelve.

You may have picked up from my writing lately that the idea of gaming in education has been swirling around in my head since the Teaching and Learning with Vision conference. These two TED talks have also shaped my ideas…


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Using Ning to teach a trade


  I am looking for some example Ning sites used to teach the trades such as plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electronics, etc...


  I want to create a Ning site myself and am looking for some examples. Any help is appreciated.



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EDTC 601 – Week 5 -Activity 5: Discussion - Virtual Reality Blog Post


Do virtual worlds give students a better learning experience

than real world experiences?

 Having spent this time researching Virtual Reality I have decided that there needs to be a proper mix between using VR in the classroom and using traditional instruction.  I do not think students can learn everything they need to learn from VR, but I think it is a great learning tool.  If a teacher can find good VR content for their classroom, then the teacher should plan to use…


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A global community emerges

I really couldn't be happier with the way the Writers' club is shaping up. Check out this conversation on one of the student writer's blogs....

An author from Drysdale in Victoria, Australia is encouraged in his writing, and receives feedback from, students at Castlemaine North in Victoria, Australia and a student in Lahore, Pakistan. This occurred without prompting from the teacher, and…


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Session Five Blog

Here are some scattered thoughts related to the effort of the past two weeks.

Regarding research tools--thjis was a revealing assignment.  I had never realy looked at the resource portals our schools have already purchased;    These include Infotrac, and SIRS.  Just now, in looking at links page from Arcadia High School I see that we also purchase Biography in Context and have a link to Virginiga' Community of Learning.  I stated in my forum post that I'd recommend to the media…


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Social Networking

This week we focused on social networking. This is the greatest challenge I have with incorporating technology into my classroom. In the beginning of the week, I posted that I was struggling in this area. Unfortunately, my peers were not able to give me any new ideas. However, my instructor was able to share a site called Epals is a site for students in K-12 classrooms to meet and chat with students in other states or even countries. At first, I did not see how this site was any…


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5th birthday celebration!

Flat Classroom is turning 5 years old this week! Come and join our 5th birthday drop-in and celebration meeting:

Come and celebrate global connections and collaboration. Come and share with Vicki and Julie stories from the past 5 years about joining classrooms and impacting lives. We also have a special announcement to make! Don't miss celebrating with us!



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EDTC 602 WEEK 4 Blog




Here is EDTC 602 Week 4 Blog.


Thank you,






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EDTC 601 – Week 4 - Activity 7: Project - Blogging about Social Networking and Digital Citizenship

Before studying social networking, I knew what it was, but I did not have an account and I had not given a whole lot of thought to using it with students.  I had considered having high school students use this tool to discuss teen suicide, but I had not had the opportunity to actually try the lesson. Even though I still have not actually used the lesson plan with

students, I have a good feeling about trying this format with 5thgrade students to discuss bullying. Bullying is…


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Social Networking and Digital Citizenship

  1. What have I learned that I was not previously aware of?
  • I did not realize that cyber bullying was such a problem but that's probably because my only experience  has been in the business world.  Not to say that it couldn't happen in the business world, but the consequences of bullying someone at this level would be severe.  I would hope that most employees had enough common sense and maturity to not do it in the first place, but if they didn't, hopefully…

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Judges sought for FCP 11-3

We are nearing the end of the Flat Classroom Project 2011-3 and students are finishing their multimedia artifacts over the next several weeks.  Now is the time to sign up to be a judge! We invite all interested educators and observers to come and learn more about the project by volunteering to be a judge.

How do I sign up to judge?

  1. Complete the…

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Any new open source websites?

Does anyone have or know of any new open source websites that teachers or students can use? Please share any information.

Added by Mel J. Janousek on November 17, 2011 at 8:01pm — 1 Comment

Activity 7: Project - Blogging about Social Networking and Digital Citizenship

This week we explored the world of social networking and how to apply that insanity to the classroom.  While ‘status’ sites like Facebook might not always have a place in education, there are some sites that can be utilized to feed off the social networking craze – a craze that will only get stronger and is here to stay.  As teachers, we have the responsibility to stay current or even ahead of the tide of technology.  By setting up a quality social networking site for our classroom,…


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Activity 7: Project - Blogging about Social Networking and Digital Citizenship




Attached is my blog.








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Weeks Threes Blog






Here is week threes blog.



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