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Best Practices for Eduational Blogging

Best Practices in Educational Blogging


Just like most district’s AUP policies, blogging needs to be included.  With blogging just starting to come a mainstay in the educational realm, districts should review their policies to ensure blogging is included.  If not, students are going to take full advantage of “no policy.”  Just as with AUP’s, a blogging section…


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21st Century Classroom

21st Century Classroom/Learner

What is a 21st Century Classroom?  It is one unlike anything I grew up in.  When I was in school it was a teacher centered classroom.  The teacher was the instiller of knowledge and as a student we listened and soaked it…


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10 Ways to Use Blogs in the Educational Setting

  1. 1.       This day in history.  The students could research an event from history and post about it.  No two students can post the same event, so it forces them to look into history.
  2. 2.       Distance Learning.  If helps with the connection of students and teachers who are in the distance learning environment.…

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How to Study Effectively: 5 Best Study Applications

So you are slogging endlessly on the study table to pass the upcoming examinations? Everything necessary is within your reach, and the jerker to your focus - your smartphone - has been kept upside down in the other corner of the room for no distraction of thoughts. *SlowClap*

Smartphones could be taking the rap for your misdemeanors at the education front, but the fact is far from what’s understood. There are a number of phone-based applications that can assist…


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Dario #6

Esta semana no sali para nigun sitio  cultural o diferente es muy dificil para mi porque trabajo, voy a la escuela y tengo un nino pero puede lograr pasar tiempo con mi familia. Aprendo muchas cosas con mi abuela quien nacio en la republica dominicana y cocine una comida deliciosa de nuestro pais hoy cocino Asopao (soupy rice) yuca, platanos, y arroz con habichuelas. El asopao es una sopa de arroz que se incio en puerto rico pero los platos de puerto rico y la republica dominicana son muy…


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Dario #5

Mi familia es muy carinosa que he conocido. estoy muy afortunado de tener una familia como la mia. mi familia es bien abierta siempre estan uno para el otro escojen tiempo para hablar y apollarse uno al otro, mi familai le gusta ver que el otro consiga su sueno para ser feliz y siempre estan para ayudar cuando se entreraron que iba tener un hijo me apollaron bastante y siguen apollandome para que yo consiga mis metas estoy muy afortunada dee tener una familia como mia.

La familia…


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Blog #4

Discriminacion es cuando la gente es tratada injustamente y cuando se piensa que otras personas no importa por su rrasa, edad, sexo, o su prefencia sexual.

todas los dias se ven discriminacion, es una mentabilidad estable que la gente no queren escapar porque son steriotipicos. los personas creen que los steriotipicos de una grupo son verdad eso es porque muchas gentes discriminan. cuando tienes la influencia de otras personas o television y otras coasas en el mundo es facil a creer…


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7 Apps For Young Professionals In College Life

College can be an intimidating place for students. It provides you with a glimpse of what lies ahead in life. College heralds the beginning of professional careers for most people, and it is for that reason that 4 years of college are worth their weight in gold. College fulfils the most important job of character building among teenagers. The transformation from a teenager to a responsible professional who is ready to take on the challenges of life is startling and truly remarkable to…


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Module 3

Vygotsky’s Activity Theory

The theory used for this lesson is Vygotsky’s Activity Theory.  It ties in the collaborative and constructivist format in allowing the teachers to present their assignment as relevant.  The student will have the chance t o complete and revise their work by having a practice grade and a mastery grade.  Therefore, showing the teacher how to effectively use iAnnotate will allow them provide faster feedback to the student when they complete their…


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It's not always about the Open Bar.

Tali Horowitz invited a bunch of DOE nerds as her guests to the Common Sense Media Awards Dinner. The awards were for everyone who works hard to provide a safe environment for children to use technology. It was a lovely evening; we hobnobbed with big donors, caught up with friends, and had a nice evening out. What really inspired me was the message of the evening. We are playing defense for the small people who are…


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12 factores a considerar al elegir una carrera universitaria

En la actualidad estudiar una carrera profesional es un proceso difícil ya que tiene muchos obstáculos, por eso, elegir a qué nos dedicaremos el resto de nuestras vidas no es una decisión que se debe tomar a la ligera. Muchos alumnos recién egresados de los bachilleratos no tienen idea de que estudiar ni qué consideraciones tomar para esta decisión.

A continuación te decimos algunos puntos que podrás tomar en cuenta y evitar cometer…


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