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Four steps for maximizing chances of success of your online business

When you’re opening an online business, there are certain steps to follow to give the greatest possible chance of succeeding.

The first step is finding what people want and then fulfilling that need. That doesn’t mean that you find a certain product that people desire, but rather a market in which you’ll be able to compete and fulfill the desires of people. People in a certain market are on the…


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I'm just a book club girl in a book club world.

My book club has been together since 1998. We were all moms with little kids at home, and once a month on a Monday night was a big deal to get out and talk to adults for a few hours. The challenge was to stay awake for the meeting. Now we discuss how those same kids are doing in college, but we still have a hard time staying awake.

Late last year, Harper Collins had a contest to become a sponsored book club for a year and I entered our book club. I had completely forgotten about it…


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Healthy Diet Plan for Preschoolers as Recommended by AAP

Preschool-aged children should be eating the same food as the rest of the family to ensure that they receive the nutrition that they need to fuel their bodies and minds. Their diets must be comprised of fresh fruits and…


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13 Useful Resources For Managing Your Online Classroom

Managing an online classroom can seem to be a great challenge. Nevertheless, teachers found a good deal of ways to manage their students work in an effective way. All thanks go to online tools and resources that make educators lives essentially easier. Here’s a list of 13 apps and websites for those teachers who are involved into online learning.…


Added by Michael Yarborough on March 17, 2016 at 9:03am — 3 Comments

mi experiencia cultural

Me gusta la comida colombiana. Hoy yo ayude a mi mama hacer pollo arepas y chicharrónes y salió muy bueno. La comida es my delicioso. nosotros comemos mucho en una restaurante que se llama pollos marios en queens. Yo soy ecuatoriana y hondureña y me gusta esa comida también pero mas me gusta colombiana porque mi mama todavía no sabe hacer la comida de ella o de mi padre. 

Added by karen aleman on March 13, 2016 at 9:18pm — 2 Comments

Mi Diario #3

Uno de los restorantes mas apreciado por mi mejor amiga (Christina), nuestras hermanas (Isabella y Crystal) y yo es, El Viejo Yayo. Es un restorante que ha visto muchas celebraciones de nosotras. El Viejo Yayo es un restorante Dominicano. La comida en El Viejo Yayo es riquísima. Hasta siendo Dominicana la comida Dominicana nunca fue mi favorita. Pero en El Viejo Yayo me encanta. Las cuatros somos tan conocida en los dos restorantes, porque hay dos en Park Slope, que ya nos conocen la orden… Continue

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Esta fotos son de un restaurante que yo visite con mi novio. El restaurante se llama Sazón. El restaurante se trata de comida de Puerto Rico. Lo que encontré fascinante es que la comida servida es mu…

Esta fotos son de un restaurante que yo visite con mi novio. El restaurante se llama Sazón. El restaurante se trata de comida de Puerto Rico. Lo que encontré fascinante es que la comida servida es muy similar a la comida que yo como en casa que se trata de la Republica Dominicana. Ordene un Mofongo de Camarón, que es un plato que yo si ha aprobado en casa. Quiera ver que…


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el exhibicion espanola en el MET......

La semana pasada, yo fui con mi hija a el museo del MET.  Allí nos pasamos un buen tiempo mirando todos los esculturas y pinturas de variedades culturas y naciones. Pero lo mas que fascinábamos fue el exhibición de Patio del Castillo Vélez Blanco.

Allí nos sentíamos como si estuvimos en historia Española. Había mucho esculturas italianas en estilo de España alrededor.  El patio fue muy alta y grande. Parece quien vivía en ese época eran de realeza. Las paredes fue en piedra de mármol…


Added by Leylanie Rodriguez on March 11, 2016 at 4:59pm — No Comments

Blogging about Google Apps

Blogging about Google Apps

Although there are many formatting glitches and or delays that often deter me from using Google Apps, I am confident that they can be used to make me a more efficient educator. Spending time this week exploring the apps has restored my enthusiasm for Google as an educational tool. Let’s explore some of the tools and how I’d like to…


Added by Ryan Ferrin on March 8, 2016 at 7:26pm — No Comments

Running into a really old friend at the museum

I graduated from the School of Visual Arts a long time ago with a degree in Fine Arts. It sounds impressive, but my brothers tell everyone I went to Crayon College. I loved the experience, and it has enriched my life. It set me on a path that took many turns for me to wind up where I am now; a computer teacher. It took a lot of turns.

One assignment I remember from school was to go the the Metropolitan Museum of Art and study a specific statue called Marble statue of a…


Added by Eileen Lennon on March 3, 2016 at 1:03pm — No Comments

How to manage with writing deadlines


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