I am having a "virtual open house" for my students to showcase their work online. They are choosing several pieces of work to share, including traditional word documents, computer art, photographs of artwork and science projects, podcasting, video, and audio files. They are excited to share the link with out of town relatives and friends.

What do you think is the best way to showcase student work? A teacher's blog, student blogs, wikis, weebly, google docs? Any online portfolio tools that you'd recommend? The ability to post comments is important to me. Thanks for your help!

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Hi Donelle
I have a similar set up to Mary. I use a wiki for my class page. I link this to a class blog and then all of the students have their own blog which I use as an e-Portfolio of work. I have a few selected students who have their own editing rights.
M y students are 8-9 years old so to start with I have done most of the postings. You will be amazed at what htey have done.
Our class site for 2009 is ourvoice2009year4.wikispaces.com
My site for last year was Fantastic 4 M and D
I would love to make contact with via Skype. I am presently working on improving my own professional practice by making changes to my teaching which helps my students to develop reflective, self-directed learning practice. I am going to use e-Portfolios as the vehicle to help develop, support and demonstrate this kind of learning.
I would be really interested to touch base with you re the suggestions that have come up for showcasing students learning.
I think that the process of the learning is as important as the product.
Well, then let's chat soon! :) I'm free on Thursday morning and Friday before 2. You'll find the skype info. on my home page. I would love to collaborate or share ideas.

Love the spaces you linked to. It is so funny because I'm in the process of writing a review for Glogster. We need to talk soon. The e-portfolio piece is one of my goals for next year. Rather than rush it, I've chosen to wait until fall.

The discussions here have been fabulous and so very helpful. I'm glad the topic is staying in the front of the forum. Thank you, everyone for the amazing ideas! Planning to incorporate much of it next year.
We still need to chat on skype sometime. How about in a week or two? You can add me on skype: dobrien917. :)
Hey Donelle

This is a good question. I wish some of us had suggestions. I'd like some ideas, also.

It is hard to say what the best might be. After some thought I opted for wikispaces for my students digital portfolios this year. I experimented with building wiki pages last year with a fifth - sixth grade split. This year I have a fourth - fifth grade group and things are taking off. I have used a wikispace as a class portal for years. Last year I added another space for the students to use for individual web pages. This year student led conferencing has become a division goal. I am part of a digital portfolio working group. I established a Portfolio wikispace for my students. My goal is two items to share at the November conferences.

Blogs are great for journaling, but it is amazing how quickly my students learn wikis, mentor each other, and bring new ideas to me.
I looked at your portfolio wikispace. I like the way you have organized each page or made a template so that there are categories for each student. I have used wikispaces before, but have never managed to get some of the pages to show on the home page, but not all. It seems that you have the students' names on the homepage but then their individual subject pages are only listed on their own "home" page. Is this correct?

Another question, (I have not looked at all the pages) do students choose the 2 items to include or do you expect/require some assignments to be put on the wiki. What is your plan for the rest of the year?
Thanks guys. I'm exploring so many of these links. I'm new to Ning, but have already found some very valuable information!
Personally, I believe the best way to showcase student work is with teacher blogs. We use After Class (School Fusion) and are very happy with it. My blog is at
I would recommend to simply do a virtual event on a blog. Every hour you post a new piece of art and have a discussion around in the commenting session of the blog.
You may want to give LiveBinders a try. It is quite versatile. Live Binders is an online 3-ring binder and students could readily build Live Binders to showcase their work. Do look at the featured binders at http://livebinders.com/welcome Here is one example of an eportfolio http://livebinders.com/play/play_or_edit/2815
I had never heard of live binders. I checked it out and am very interested. What have you used livebinders for? I am interested in a place for completed work/showcase and then when I looked at the video clips realized that I could combine websites for diggo commenting in the binder as well. We already have a class blog and a wiki or so but this might be a way to keep links and comments together with finished work. Any feedback you can give would be appreciated.



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