Troy War Animation with Sketchup in Junior High School

I am a math teacher in Florence italy, in junior high school.
I let the students use Sketchup one hour a week to make 3D models.

This year we also made a video about Troy
that came out particularly well.

Troy War with Sketchup in Junior High School

hope you like it,
All models were drawn by my students (13-year olds).
The video editing was made by me.

comments and questions are really wellcome,


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Shame on your sir.

I had managed to convince myself that SketchUp would be too hard to learn and I'd decided I wouldn't spend time on it this summer. Now, obviously, I will have to.

Very well done, congratulate your students for me!
Sketchup is famous for its very low learning difficulty.
Just try it out and you'll be drawing complex stuff and having fun in just a few minutes.
That's why it works in school and kids come out with the stuff you've seen in the video.

You may see a better description of the project here.

Very nicely done!
Fantastic. How do you use it to make the video? I will try it out with my 13 year old son then once confident, will teach my 9 year old who are currently learning about 3D shapes. Great job! If you dont mind, I will put your video in my blog site for others to learn from it too.

My blog :
Drawing 3D shapes with sketchup, as you know, is really easy
and making the video is very easy (if you dont want the objects to move but just the camera as in the first part of our video): you just add the scenes you want to film with the command "view->animation->add scene" and at the end you let sketchup produce the video with "file->export->animation". Really really straightforward.

I plan to share the worksheets I used in class and a detailed description of the project but I have to translate them 'cause they're in italian.

Many thanks for adding our video to your blog,
I read some of your posts, it's really interesting.

Just a remark ... my students are 13-year old (Junior High School)
'cause I'm not sure I've said that clearly.


That is just amazing. I will be teaching SketchUp for the first time next semester to Middle School girls. They will love the animation.

I was planning to find a way to print the 3D models and made a model school however I have not yet found out how to use the SketchUp files to send them for 3D printing.

Have you created your worksheets? Would you like my introduction booklet that I am putting together?


Adelaide, Australia

Hi Sue,

sorry I didn't answer before.

I didn't have the time to translate my worksheets in english ... too many things to do for school ...


I had the same idea about 3D printing the sketchup models ... but I didn't yet study the format conversions that are needed.


I'm really interested in your booklet and I can send you my worksheets in italian if you think they can somehow be useful to you ...

write me at: myname dot tierno at gmail dot com



I would love a copy of your introduction booklet. I am trying to help develop a Middle School technology curriculum for use in our Middle School. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Sue!



Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Very cool!

Wonderful stuff. Thank you for sharing.

Best to you, guzman!


Just have to say Bravo.  I've used SketchUp in class for a few years, but the shear magnitude of this projects is amazing.  Your students are very lucky!



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