I've just been given $7000 from a private donor to set up tech in my class of approx 10 5th - 6th graders.

So far, my wish list is:
1 document camera (have projector & hp laptop)
10- hp mini laptops
2 flip camcorders
15 digital cameras
external hard drive - terabyte
12 flash drives - 16 gigabyte
1 color laser printer

Any suggestions? recommendations? I will have to be the "tech support" person!
Thanks- Melinda

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Definitely a wireless network. I'd also go for a second project personally. Could easily get by with 7 digi cams.
I think you should very seriously consider a shared server account on a web host on which you could host student blogs and other cool open source Web 2.0 tools. You could host your own blogs, wikis, and other great tools for about $100/yr. It is much easier than you have ever dreamed!
I totaly agree with this. I would suggest the Interwrite Mobi slate for your interactive whiteboard. They are about $400 and worth every penny. Not to mention they work great with the EInstruction CPS clickers. No need wasting $2000 on a "Smart Board."
Question to Kev- what do you by "second project" that you refer to in the preceding post? Thanks.
Question to Steve- can you recommend some webhosting sites? Thanks!
I have had good experiences with Hostgator. That is not to say there aren't other good choices (and there are plenty of bad choices). I think they have the right mix of Tech support and price.
woops, silly typos. I meant a second projector. The one thing I'm always wishing I could is have multiple large screens running at once. One with notes, one with a video, etc.
ya, me too...one with the document camera (notes) and one from computer(on-line, video, etc.), I am constantly manually switching back and forth.
Some more good ideas on setting up 2.0 - thanks to everyone! I am excited!
Melissa, One tool that I enjoy using is an Olympus Digital Recorder. I also like having a scanner. The laser printer replacement cartridges are costly. You might consider budgeting for the replacement cartridges. Have fun!
Yes--a digital recorder is very useful. Mine is tiny and I carry it and an extra AAA battery almost every where. I love how it just plugs into a usb port on a computer.. I bought a little microphone with a clip for it too which has been handy.
I'd include some ipods with mics. I have one but could use several more.



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