Resources for Parents on Remediation, Enrichment, Technology... ?

Hello all. My colleague Lauren Grossberg and I just started an After-School Blog - Get Schooled After-School. The goal is to provide parents, mentors,
tutors, coaches, after school care specialists with ways to extend the
learning day.

I was wondering what resources you share with your students parents for
extending the learning day at home, for providing remediation,
enrichment, and e-learning at home?


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Great idea!

I would like to introduce to you our website: It is an online math training program for students K-6. We created GoldStudent to make it easier to parents or teachers to help their kids be better at math.

An initial assessment test is used to develop a personalized study guide for each student. Students advance topic by topic based on the results of their work on worksheets and tests. Points, given for worksheet and test performance, can be used for claiming prizes. The service charges a monthly fee with a seven-day trial offer.
Thanks for the link. It sounds similar in some ways to our smart tutor product. Check it out! :)
Awesome, thanks Lori! A few months ago I was visiting my family in Missouri. I went to my little brother's teacher conference and when I asked, the teachers had no clue of his reading level. As a teacher, I was shocked that his teachers could be complaining about his inability to complete multiple choice reading passages and not even know if the passages were at his reading level. It made me wonder if there was a free and easy way for parents to TEST their child's reading level. Anyone know?
Great resource. Thanks Lori!
That site looks awesome for teachers to use and suggest to parents. Unfortunately, the site requires a teacher to register for a student to login. I am looking for something free for everyone - parents too. Any ideas???
There are wonderful websites that could be used for enrichment like Library of Congress, National Archives, American Museum of Natural History, other art, history and science museums. Also there are tons of 'fun' sites like Conceptis, or WebSudoku. And wonderful art sites like Scribbler and Bomomo. You can see all the links (Fun 4 the Brain) and much more at
Here is the list of sites that we have for parents. There is a not a lot on here but we have received a lot of compliments for what we do have.

Click Here
I use Portland Free School. Of course, it is my site!
You have to use for activities based around spelling and vocabulary.

I also think that IKNOWTHAT is a huge resource for all subject areas. Creating an account is free.

Students and parents would also benefit from the use of lap books. This is a great site for them (Home School Share), but there are many more if you search.

Good Luck

Ian Snyder
Dalmatia 2nd Grade
If not already recommended, I would suggest There is a section there for parents to help their children with writing. The interactives are fun and engaging and the writing activities can be done as a family.

Thanks for all the great links.



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