I need suggestions about recording audio voice with PowerPoint and uploading it to a webpage? What is the best method to convert this file once you have completes the narrative on the PowerPoint? I had thought about using Jing but that only records up to 5 minutes. Thanks for any ideas.

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There is a free audio recording program called Audacity. It allows for editing of voice and also background music. There are also video training lessons on TeacherTube.com.
I use Wondershare PPT2Video for all of my powerpoint conversion needs. It retains embedded videos and sound so narration should be no problem for it.
I use AuthorStream and like it a lot. http://www.authorstream.com/
Thanks for all the ideas!
how about voicethread? Audio is recorded on each slide (you would convert your powerpoint to .jpg (saveAs>JPEG) and upload those images to your voicethread... )



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