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Google Earth is the perfect platform for educators who want to construct progressive learning experiences for their students.  It is a rich 21st Century resource for any subject area, full of materials and functionality.  More than a mapping tool, Google Earth is a vast collection of information where users can view layers of content or add their own.  Using its simple tool set, teachers can transform traditional instruction by designing lessons that allow an active investigation of ideas.  Students of different learning styles will be able to explore concepts in depth and develop higher-level thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, and creativity.  Real life activities portrayed in a virtual globe add purpose and context to their learning.  Google Earth is the perfect application for project-based learning, cross-curricular units, or exploring global themes.

Open source material, such as those provide by Google Lit Trips and Real World Math, serve not only as resources for others but as models of inspiration.  Teachers of any subject area or grade level can design customized lessons for their students.  I hope you take time to read my Classroom 2.0: The Book chapter and consider how you can use Google Earth in your classroom.

Please feel free to add comments and suggestions below.  This is the peer review stage of the book and I welcome your feedback.

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Great way to Learn in Simplified way

It is one of the best tool with visual representation that helps students to understand better and learn things easily.

Google Maps is a desktop web mapping service developed by Google. Google maps show you and give you directions to places while Google earth lets you be in a place like you are actually there. It shows you stuff at such angles and in a real life like the view you might, for a second, feel you are cruising through a new port or somewhere. I work for Google, and my work is exactly with the Geo Products - Maps and Earth. Maps are more a resource that people use to very quickly see maps, directions, and satellite imagery. Earth is more of a learning tool, where you invest time to learn about countries, cultures, etc. 



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