How do you make sense of what you find on the Web? Do you organize and annotate bookmarks on Delicious? Have you joined a topic-based resource sharing group on Diigo? I keep a Delicious account and am a happy member of the project-based learning group on Diigo, hosted by Dean Groom.  Are there other ways to organize and share? I'd love to know what you do.

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I love delicious. Most of my tags are more personal, things I think of when looking for something, but I like the ease and availability. I also like using Google Docs, it's also always available from any computer to keep up with things I've created but don't want to email to myself or others on my team.
On the subject of accessing material from anywhere I love Evernote!

The synchrosisation is superb, I have the desktop application installed on three different computers or you can just choose to use the online application.

The free model is excellent, I did choose to become a premium user because I decided I wanted the ability to upload different file types as well as write notes. (The free model allows upload of pdfs).

I now use it for lesson resources for school. I just upload anything I want at home (or wherever I am) and there it is at school!
Yesterday, a colleague sent me a toolbar he made for his kids who are learning English. Since I use Firefox, it fit perfectly into my browser, but then I wanted to add my own links for young learners of English. He suggested I visited Conduit and made my own toolbar with all the links I stashed in Zotero. Isn't this a perfect way to keep track of the bookmarks + have your own product?
I've been spending time copy/pasting links from Tweets into Del.ic.ious. I know there's an app to automatically put Twitter links into my delicious account but when the App's setup required me to enter my Twitter username/password I became..ah..reluctant. (I just don't know who has control of the app and if I'm giving away control of my Twitter account). Do other use the App? Am I being overly anxious?
I've moved ove to Diigo. I like Delicious, but I love the Diigo "Lists"

As for bookmarking from Twitter, I always like to view a link outside of Twitter before I bookmark it. If it's something I want to save I use the Diigo button add-on for my browser (I use Chrome)
It's Diigo lists that do it for me too Christopher! I like the research tools too, highlighting and sticky notes.

Personally I would never use Twitter for bookmarking. If I like a link from Twitter I just bookmark it to Diigo. If it clearly belongs on one of my lists that can be done at the same time.

That's just my preferences - they work for me!
So ShareTabs still down - but a new discovery for me for a quick simple way to share a collection of links is Linkbunch which I came across through a link from Jane Hart.

I have updated my own page of link collection sites - note this includes a LinkBunch example.
I started using Delicious as my social bookmarking site and moved to Diigo (When I bookmark, the sites go to both Diigo and Delicious--setting in Diigo). I like the way that Delicious is organized, but I feel that students benefit from the highlighting, and sharing to groups feature in diigo. For my 8th graders, the sticky notes feature is just another way to chat. I've emphasized that they use it appropriately or mark it "private".

For professional development we encourage teachers k-56to use Delicious and 7-12 to use Diigo. We would like them to model this for their students and I think that Diigo has more research techniques as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

As far as "sharing" goes, for my Professional Development classes I've created a diigo group and had them join. I've shared relevant sites with them. Also, I'm modeling this so they could integrate that aspect into their classes.
Hi Jane,

my partners and I have developed a new community for teachers and students called StudyBuddyCampus. It is free and it represents our vision of the future for the use of technology in the classroom. Our goal is to revolutionize the delivery of education by combining an interactive game like experience with the latest educational content. We have several teachers and students testing our Beta site at, and we are constantly releasing new features. Given the topic of your discussion, I thought you might be interesting in taking a look, and if you have the time, we would love to receive feedback from people with your kind of experience.

Best Regards.

Yahoo cuts Delicious...

No word on what it specifically means for existing accounts, but it might be a good time to move to Diigo...


I have a wiki that I add the links to (when they are content related, i.e. math, language arts, etc.), I also created a livebinder for links I use with my students (K-5). Livebinder has a bookmarklet tool that makes it easy to add lihks right to an existing binder OR start a new binder. I highly recommend it.

I also like Livebinders Debra and Wikis.


For my main bookmarking tool I do like Diigo becuase I have all my bookmarks there, all tagged. Diigo also allows me to share any groups of links through lists or webslides. 


I suspect Diigo has a few new customers today! As Christopher says Delicious is going. It is possible to move all Delicious bookmarks to Diigo.

Instructions here.



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