How do you make sense of what you find on the Web? Do you organize and annotate bookmarks on Delicious? Have you joined a topic-based resource sharing group on Diigo? I keep a Delicious account and am a happy member of the project-based learning group on Diigo, hosted by Dean Groom.  Are there other ways to organize and share? I'd love to know what you do.

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Yes, I noticed that after I posted ;(
It's a shame really, it was easy to categorize and tag...
I use Diigo, I do like the list facility and use this to group sites together.

What I must do is review my various tags.

Like you Jane I belong to various Diigo groups - very valuable though there is actually a little too much repetition between some of these.

For collections of links for students or teachers I have been using WordPress blogs as a way of organising favourite resources. For example this one I created for staff at my school to share links to various sites I think they may find useful in the classroom.
I think there are actually two parts to this question for me:
Storing all the bookmarks I might ever want in such a way that I can easily find them again. That's Diigo with good use of lists and tagging.

Sharing subsets of those links with students or teachers. For several links where some explanation and further information is required I have been using WordPress as mentioned in the above posts.
For smaller collections of links, like Jonathan I have tried SimplyBox. Livebinders provides a nice way to present a collection of links - see other possibilitities here.
Note that ShareTabs seems to be experiencing problems at the moment, an example of what is possible is shown here.
Thanks Collen. I've been looking for this. I've use but I can't edit a collection after it was made. (Maybe it's just me). And ShareTabs seems to be have been down for awhile. But Sqworl looks like what I've been searching for.
Do you, or anyone else, know of other similar services -grouping a theme of urls into one link?
Chris I feel like I can do that using multiple tags. When I want to share all my links about PBL that have to do with math I send the link
I do have a delicious account where I keep everything. I hadn't thought of sending the link to the tabbed page. That will be interesting to do. Thanks.
Depending on who I am sending the collection to, I'm not sure I want to them surf through it all. That's why I was hoping to find a way to group (and edit for the inevitable additions and errors I make) smaller collection.
Privacy issues, I guess, come into play.
That's an interesting problem, getting overlap across multiple groups. I don't have it because I only belong to one! I use delicious for my day-to-day bookmarking and love being able to sort and narrow using multiple tags.
I have just been introduced to delicious and am looking forward to using it in the future. I am glad i found this discussion cause now i can look into Diigo after reading the good responses about it. I never knew such sites existed to help keep track of bookmarks so you can access you favorite sites from any computer!
It will change your life! The earliest term for taming the Web this way was referred to as the "semantic web."
Although relatively new to it, I do like Diigo. It is simple to use and finding relevant material without having to search endless sites for it is a real time saver. Having so much information available at your fingertips and being able to maintain things in an organized fashion makes it a tool that I will certainly use in the future.
A good question, Jane! Everyone was so positive about Diigo, so I'll join it immediately :)

I've been using a Mozilla Firefox addon called 'Zotero'. It's just perfect, but this thread made me think what to suggest to people who don't use this browser. During the Reform Symposium I learnt about Symbaloo, which is outstanding.

Hope this helps :o) Thanks everyone for the suggestions!
I have many Diigo lists for collections - a bookmark can be in more than one list which is helpful.

Another possibility is to create a jog!

I'll link to my page of sites for link collections!

Chris you are right - ShareTabs is still down - a shame.

Diigo is my bookmarking site of choice but I use Diigo's facility to automatically send any bookmark to Delicious so they are all there as well!



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