I am interested in working with another elementary school to do a little video conferencing. We currently have a webcam and are able to use Skype or other free Internet based video conferencing tools. I teach technology in 1st through 5th grade. We would love to try a little collaborative sharing. Ideas: (discussing a book, sharing about our school and our town, geography of our area, etc.) Other ideas would be welcome since this is our first venture into the world of video conferencing.

Look forward to hearing from other elementary school teachers who would like to try it out with us.

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Hi, are you still looking for someone to video conference with?

I do realize this message was sent out in January of last year but I was wondering if you were interested in video conferencing once again. I am new to this but am keen to add a new element to my classroom. I have a grade 9 science class beginning in February and I would be interested in having my class teach elementary students. If you are not interested but knows someone who might be please let me know.
Hi....I realize you may have been writing to Sharon, but the message came to me as well, and I would be interested in your project. I have a different small group of elementary gifted students each day.....grades 2-5. We do quite a bit of Skyping and are very comfortable with it.

Are you still interested in Skyping with my class?
We always enjoy that....yes.
Hi Sharon! I may be a little late in the game for responding to your open invite for video conferencing, but if you are still interested, I would love to give it a shot.
Anyone interested in a video conference on Earth Day?

I teach 3rd grade in Connecticut. I should warn you that this would only be our second conference (either Skype or Google Talk, so it might be a little shaky.) We will be starting a unit on resources and conservation next week, so I don't know how deep my students would be able to get into the discussion, but I thought it might be an exciting way to get them started.

My students would need it to be fairly structured, so one possibility would be to just focus on plastic - why plastic bags and bottles can be harmful, ways to reduce disposable plastic use in daily life, and ideas of how to spread the word about plastic.
My class will start following The Great Turtle Race online on Monday as a launching point for thinking about plastic. Earth Day will fall on the 8th day of the 14 day race. National Geographic Kids has some connecting activities on their main page, as well as a pdf "Plastic Pledge" that students can sign as a promise to try to reduce their plastic use. Perhaps other classes could follow the race as well, and we could share our picks and sign a group "plastic pledge" (or a watered-down version, if it is too extreme).

I'm open to other ideas! I know my class would get a boost from sharing Earth Day with other classes (K-4).
Hi Jonah,
I might be interested! I have a class of 4th graders and was looking for a short research project...this might be perfect. I have the class on Wednesday from 9:45-10:45. I am located in Long Island, NY. I might be able to get the Riverhead Foundation to work with us a bit (marine mammal rescue on LI). They could raise money to adopt a sea turtle: http://www.riverheadfoundation.org/rehab/content.asp?code=rehab_ind... MIGHT be able to work out a videoconference with them. No promises, but I have worked with them before.
I think that my class would need an intro to the site and the problems; I would need a half hour for that then we could videoconference with your class the second half hour (10:15-10:45)---does that work for you? Let me know if you are interested asap.

I'm thinking my kids could research the turtles, do the plastic pledge, create podcasts about it or something like that.

Karen Kliegman
Library Media Specialist
Searingtown School
Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately my class has library from 9:50-10:40 on Wednesday. Bummer! I might be able to switch that time with the media specialist, but I probably wouldn't know for sure until tomorrow.

It may be a little to late to cram something in for Earth Day. I'll keep trying, but if it doesn't work for Wednesday, maybe we can plan a better time. I checked out some of your projects, and would be thrilled to work with your students.
We would love to skype with you for Earth Day....love your ideas for the project. Let me know.
Where are you located? What grade?



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