I've just re-discovered Twitter, a social network that asks "What are you doing?" The cool thing is, in the Ed Tech world you can create a network of people who are there to help you, and give you support and suggestions at a moments notice.

Looking for a resource? Just send out a tweet and someone will know the answer. Dealing with technology resistance? My twitter network reminds me that there are people in the world who are as passionate about this stuff as I am. I write a blog post every Tuesday called "Two for Tuesday" where I share two interesting technology links - this week my links are all thanks to my Twitter network. (Thanks Twitter network).

Recently, I increased the number of people I'm following from 70 to 170. I've discovered that more is actually better in Twitter, it increases the odds of someone being there for you. I also downloaded Snitter an application that pops up to let me know about new tweets. You can follow me on twitter - look for lizbdavis, then check out the people I'm following and follow them too.

Kevin Honeycutt is creating a Vodcast that answers the question "What is Twitter good for?" You can follow him on Twitter too.

Are you using Twitter? What do you like about it? Still confused? Ask your questions here.

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Twitter makes life more interesting. It is a relevant form of collaboration. I have learned about new resources and activities while I enjoy my twitter friends. Twitter has a mobile number, so I receive all my twitters while I am afk and I can respond easily through texting... if I want.
Follow me @n2teaching
Hi, Twitter for me is partly addiction, partly the fascination of instant intellectual gratification, part professional lifeline - part social network, part venting space when I get to the 'grrrrrrrr' stage - and part light relief - sounds a bit like a relationship really.

The other thing that fascinates me is that everyone has a different relationship with Twitter, some are extroverts and post excessively, some provide small valuable nuggets infrequently.

My 'ten cents' worth on Twitter...
Tried to find you on Twitter, but couldn't. Care to share your Twitter name?

~jepcke (in Twitter jepcke)
sorry- my twitter name is hwakelam - look forward to seeing you in twitterverse :)
Hi Elizabeth and all,

I'm just getting into Twitter myself. I really didn't see the use of it for a long time when I only thought that it replicated blogging with fewer characters. Since I figured out how to build a network and how to follow it, I've been very happy. After building up the people you follow, make sure to build up the people who follow you (and follow them too). This is where the interaction takes place. This is the phase that I'm in. If you're interested, I'm at http://twitter.com/seouldaddy

Also, I prefer to use Skype to follow Twitter. I hate adding new programs when an existing one will do. However, I do have to manually type @username, which could lead to errors. No problems yet, though.
How do you use Skype to follow Twitter?
Sorry, I should have added a link before.

Twitter4Skype just has you add twitter4skype to your contacts, send an activate code, and then you are off to the races.

Updates pop up like a normal chat message (with history).

Sorry, but how do i get the activate code?
I am using Twitter and recognize this 'instant' networking potential. I have learned so much from the tweets I read from my network. However, I haven't quite mastered the 'request for info' side of Twitter. The reason for this is many of the people I am following are not following me. (look for jepcke) So if I respond to Kathy Schrock, for example, she doesn't see my tweet; like that tree falling in the woods and no one is there to hear it. Putting a question out to the Twitterverse is really to the 18 people following me. I realize Kathy Schrock can't follow every person who follows her (I'm not picking on her, just using her as a name everyone would know, I'm not even following KS). My number of followers is slowly building, and I fill my network with people whose expertise/situation/postition fit in the Ed Tech realm. I do question, sometimes, if the info I receive is worth reading about people's fantasy football scores or their self-promotion (ie. buy my book, read my latest blog post). The jury is still out for me and Twitter. I do check it multiple times a day and have set my IM to tweet with updates. I plan to give it through the end of the school year and determine if Twitter is worthwhile for me.
I don't use Twitter anymore....tried it for a bit, but I get enough requests via email from teachers, and I could not keep up with the immediacy...sorry.
@jepcke; I agree! Following someone on TWITTER is not all it's cracked up to be....sometimes! I don't follow anyone, for long, who won't follow me within a time span, UNLESS there are some overcompensating issues....such as access to information, humor, or other points of interest in their tweets.

For instance, it is highly unlikely (although not impossible:) that Leo Laporte, of TechTV, Twit.tv, and lately Lab with Leo will probably ever follow me, BUT he provides information that is so valuable TO ME that I continue to follow him. He also does not overwhelm my twitter network.

This interaction problem is not a drawback on Jaiku! I really like the comment section on each Jaiku submission. I can comment on anyone's Jaiku submission. There will be people who won't like this, and that is why they may appreciate the selectiveness of Twitter more than Jaiku's forum like qualities.

If people do not want to have a person on their Jaiku contact list, they can remove them. In my experience, what really happens is that most people check your Jaiku postings, and they often become a follower or at least they accept comments and contact! :)

Right now, another member of the twit(tv) group and I are having a conversation about the low number of women geeks. He thinks there should be more, and I agree! I commented on his posting to Jaiku to #twit(tv)....because I am in the twit(tv) group. He is not in my individual contact list and I am not an individual contact on his list. As a result of this conversation, we may follow each other, or not....BUT we can interact.



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