Does anyone use classroom management software in their computer labs? I installed GenevaLogic Visions 6 classroom management software this year and it messed up some of my programs. It seems to be affecting saving images, and google docs?? Anyone else use it or recommend a better program?

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We use SynchronEyes with all of our tablets in the high school. We have only used it a year but the teachers use it and like it. You can transfer files, block Internet access or allow only certain sites, watch their desktops, etc. I have not heard any problems with saving images and I can't say that anyone used google docs .... yet.

It's from Smarttech, the same company who makes Smartboards.

I use LanSchool. Our tech installed it in all of our labs. It has not interferred with any of our programs. You can easily take control of student's computer to keep them on task.
Last year I installed some demo versions of Visions, SynchronEyes, and Insight. Visions & SynchronEyes both interfered with our Novell client and our Norton virus software. Our tech guys were in our lab with me trying to figure out why a software update made it impossible for my computers to start up. One of the programs installs a file that interferes with Novell while the other with Norton. I would definitely look into what programs you have currently before moving on. I personally liked Insight the best of the three when I was using them. It's a bonus that it didn't interfere with the programs we use on our computers and it was the cheapest of the three.
We use AB Tutor Control ( The teachers love it because it's so simple to use and we love it because of the price. The new version 6 is now even better. I really recommend you try it out.
We also have AB Tutor Control and love it. I was originally going to purchase it for my lab out of my own budget, but when the district saw how affordable it was, they ordered it for every computer lab and IMC. It is very user-friendly.
I'm affiliated with eBehavior CMS™, founded by my Positive Coaching Alliance [a .org spin-off of Stanford University Athletic Dept.] mentor and colleague Steve Henderson. It is the fruit of an idea he conceived while on a Fulbright scholarship trip abroad to study Int'l .edu best practices.

eBehavior CMS™ [Classroom Management System] is a Software as a Service [SAS] tool used to implement and track a consistent, school wide behavior policies focused on positive recognition. eBehavior CMS™ has been launched across numerous Silicon Valley school campuses because it SIMPLIFIES the process of classroom management for administrator, teachers and PARENTS while reducing the burden of managing behaviors disruptive to educational attainment. These schools are able to raise student self-directedness and forethought towards POSITIVE classroom behaviors and educational achievement.

eBehavior SIMPLIFIES the process of Classroom Management for Administrator, Teachers and PARENTS so we catch students _DOING THINGS RIGHT_. These positive reinforcements help them to overcome learning difficulties and disruptive self-limiting behaviors. eBehavior is being acknowledged by San José State University Department of Elementary Education's new Center for Reaching and Teaching the Whole Child.

As many of you will agree, this is a highly disruptive tech solution that establishes a community culture recognizing parents, teachers and administrators must acknowledge and reward the students' positive academic and social behaviors in real-time.

... I like to call it the ultimate school-based social networking app ;-D
In my district, we also use SynchronEyes at some locations. It is produced by Smart Technologies. It does a great job with the management component, but also has other strengths, one of which is that it gives teacher an additional way to help and support students as they work. We have elementary teachers, who are not as worried about behavior as middle and high, using it primarily for student collaboration. They love it.
We, too, are using iTalc and it is great -- no problems to date (over a year). Set up my computer lab, mobile laptop cart and several classrooms.
I've been using AB Tutor ( for 3 years and love it - I have set up different groups around the school eg the lab, the library, classrooms and can view what is going on on all the machines at once or in groups, send messages to them, block and unblock them etc. The beauty of this software is that you can buy 1 host licence and have as many client machines as you like, so for a primary school like mine it's the perfect solution. I had a couple of issues resizing and emailed support who got back to me straight away - I can't recommend it highly enough!
We are using NetSupport classroom management software in our classrooms, library and open computer labs. The installation has been pretty straightforward and the application is user friendly.
Hi, Collette. We use Crosstech SchoolVue as both a monitoring software as well as an instructional tool. It has worked quite well for us. The support is very good, too. If you wanted more information, please feel free to contact me directly at :-)
I know this thread is a little bit old. My school has just bought LanSchool software for my lab. So far it has been working pretty great with my IdeaPad s10-3t touch netbooks.



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