Any teachers out there have smartboards ? How are you using it? Do you find it helpful as a teaching resource?

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yes, well, & yes
Smart/Activeboard alternatives if cost is an issue:
Mimio's - $450
eBeam's - $750

These devices are a fraction of the cost of the "boards" and use any surface (if cost is an issue) - if you already have a projector they are great low cost alternatives:

Video of the eBeam on a wall being used:

We use LCD projectors (10' x 8' screen in my room, can be made larger or smaller), love it, can be attached to student computers as well, we're a 1 to 1 laptop high school, greatly accelerates group activities
I have a promethean board, which is simalar to a smart board. I use it for EVERYTHING!!! I love it! I teach first grade and one of the things that I started using it for was my calendar time, I created a calendar and I added music and all sorts of fun stuff that helps with learning, I even did research on it and it uped my kids math test scores! I also use it for reading, I put all my reading lessons and math lessons on the board, that way all the worksheets and everything is on there so after we go through the lesson, they are able to write on the worksheets and everything.
Fantastic !
This is my fifth year having a SMART Board in my room. I have used it in every subject, probably math more than anything. This year I am teaching only language arts, so I find myself trying to find new ways to use it in reading. We do a lot of graphic organizers on it, as well as viewing websites that apply to our studies.

Last week we read a fiction story about a young boy having to save his farm before a tornado. I always incorporate a reading skill of the week with our reading, in this instance it was predicting. I found a great predicting website that dealt with tornadoes and the Fujita Scale. We viewed different tornadoes and determined what scale they would be (F0, F3, F5, etc).

This is just one example of how I use my SMART Board.
The wiimote whiteboard is gaining a considerable amount of traction in the hobbies "DIY" community here are a few links:

The Wiimote Whiteboard Forum -
Our Opensource Whiteboard Kindlelab Project URL -


School for me starts in a couple of weeks and I will be having a Smartboard permanently setup in the classroom. What should be the first things I do with my grade 6/7 students? I have had about two hours training so far, but have not written any lessons to use with it. As I am in Australia, I would love some great websites with Aussie content for history and geography but any other great websites especially for reading and writing.
GUESS what! The little Airliner, the portable binder-sized thingy that's supposed to operate with the whiteboard works just great without it. Same interactivity, just projects to a regular screen. It costs about $300 (what is that 10% of a whiteboard price?) and if you have any smartboard software (building license usually) you can use all the smartboard resources (gallery, notebook, etc)
Smartboard doesn't promote the Airliner w/out Smartboard but we have decided it's a great way to start when you can't afford to buy and mount smartboards everywhere.
I would agree and tablets are coming on strong! A company that readily promotes their tablet as a standalone solution and alternative to their own interactive whiteboard is the Numonics Mobilepresenter. It is more feature-packed including RM Easiteach software. Easiteach uses subject-specific tool bars for math, science, language arts and geography.
Great tip. Thanks for sharing. All of the Core teachers at my school have smartboards. But this may be a way to get soemthing for special area teachers, etc.
There are advantages to both SmartBoards and Promethean Active Boards. We started acquiring SmartBoards this year. We have one per grade level. The difficulty is not having it available when you need it. The advantage is having the students light up when you have it. They love the interactivity and hands-on activities. If you use PowerPoint Jeporady games, you'll love using them on the SmartBoard. There are lots of activities available online, you just need to search.



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