Anyone besides me get the iPad yesterday? I am loving it, I was skeptical at first, I bought it explicitly to teach with.  I'm excited about it. Would love to hear what other people think and how they might use it in their classroom.  (I wrote my full review on my blog).

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I can't wait to hear about how you use it in the classroom. I haven't bought mine, yet.
Glad you enjoy it. However, the lack of flash support kills it for me a bit. In elementary schools we use a lot of flash based websites for interactive games and teaching. I think they would sell more to schools if they had flash support.
I would purchase one, but I would need to know a little bit more about this company that produced them first. I looked it up and for anyone that is interested, the company's name is "Apple". Such a simple sounding name makes me a little skeptical. Remember Wile E. Coyote and his infinite amount of supplies from "Acme"?

Let's find out a little more about these so-called Apple people before we go all gung-ho for their products. There are literally hundreds of hardware/software companies out there doing their best to push their latest product on us. Maybe it's best that we stick to brands we all know and love before going rogue in the name of integrating technology.

You're Welcome.
Apple is a well known company. It has been in existence for decades.
maybe in your part of the country...

Cmon Sean,

They made records for those shaggy headed British guys.


It is what it is, it is NOT a computer, I will not be giving up my tablet PC nor my macbook. It is NOT a smart phone, i'm not giving up my iPhone. It really is for those uses in between. When you want something light and convenient, when you want to read digital text, It is good for sketching out when you don't have scratch paper, on the go quick presentations or notes. I can't bring a computer to meetings, even a netbook, this I can get away with much more easily.
It looks impressive! Remarkably similar to the iPad or vice-versa! Apple obviously did not do the ground-breaking this time. I guess it doesn't have the market penetration that the 'llittle known' company called Apple has.
This blog will be significant in hearing about the 'affordances' that the iPad provides.
Thanks for your post Alice.
As I am in Australia we have to wait to get an iPad but for classroom teaching I am already astounded at what can be done with it. I made a post on music education and the use of ipads/itouches etc at ''

But you will just have so much fun browsing the app store looking for new apps to put on your device :-)
My school might be giving me one to demonstrate - fingers crossed!
I'm waiting for the Microsoft Courier -- supposedly, it'll be out late this year. (I thought the iPad would be more like this -- I'm pretty surprised it's from Microsoft, to be honest.)

Where can I buy one of these today?



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