I need some help with ideas for sharing a calendar of appointments between staff members. We work with Macs and all have iCal. Is there someway we can set it up for access from our own computers?

If not, is there something else out there that would work for this purpose? We'd like to stick as close to the basic iCal format since that's where we're most comfortable.

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I don't have extensive experience with shared calendars, Ginger, but Google Calendar does have an iCal feed functionality, and I think Airset may, too.
Thanks, Steve! I'll try that out!
Well, in case anyone wants to know, iCal (and some other calendar apps, that I didn't pay attention to) can be IMPORTED with just a couple of clicks. I'm now looking like a rockstar with my staff for sharing a calendar that we can all edit!

Talk about taking pressure off one person to keep track of us all! We're a school with no secretary, custodian, or other support staff--we do it all and this was a LIFE saver!

A shared calendar--if you can, do it! Now all I have to do when I'm collaborating with teachers in other schools is add them as a "view only" and they can tell me when's best for them! It's like we're looking over one another's shoulder!
I too have found Google Calendar and iCal to be a great match.

I have to add that there is a program called Spanning Sync that will auto-sync your iCal with your Google Calendar. That means you don't have to go through the export-import process to update the Google Calendar version of your iCal, Spanning Sync does it automatically. It does cost $25 (and is an annual fee), but is priceless for me because now the calendars I want online I can access from my computer or from Google Calendar and they are automatically sync'ed to each other. (and I don't have to do anything except for add events). This arrangement also allows someone else (if you had a secretary, etc) to schedule an appointment via your Google Calendar and it would auto-update to iCal on your computer.
oooh. That's good info. I do, however, refuse to pay for a tool that instead, with a couple of clicks, I can get the same thing for free. I'm all for the re-defining of what the web is for. We need free wifi nationwide as well as free tech tools. I'm also for re-defining copyright and copyleft. *wow--what a rant--my apologies!*

Thank you for taking the time to post; I do see the value in synching the two apps.
I can suggest that you use a pbwiki calendar that all your staff can import into their icals. In our house we have 4 macs and all use the ical through our dot mac account. However, my staff uses the pbwiki calendar because you can import for both PC and Mac. With the pbwiki, you can make it private so only the staff can access it and it can be viewed on any computer so if you need to check something and aren't at your computer, you can log in and check the calendar. I also think it will work with a handheld but I'm working on that right now. Hope this helps!
Hi Ginger, I recommend Calgoo Calendar Mashup for sharing.
Kelly, can you point to one of the wikis with a calendar?
Amazing thank you Alice
You all are just AMAZING! I don't have all the time to investigate each of these, but I'm hoping that some people are really reviewing these for their own needs. Thank you for participating--I continue to *heart* CR2.0!
Okay, here is our staff wiki. You should be able to look but not add anything. This is how we keep all those school things organized. I use iCal myself but this can be imported into my iCal.

You might also want to try desktoptwo - which is an online desktop that has a calendar to share.
EyeOS is another desktop online. I'm thinking of using this with my students. That way, they can work, save and surf from any computer and we won't have to worry about transfering documents or other things. I also like Zoho which allows you to use a whole group of applications.



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