Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi, I am Shelley Halpain from Fair Oaks, CA (just outside Sacramento). I am a Virtual Assistant and I am happy to have found this site!
Hi. Dale Ferrario from the Silicon Valley. Long time Sun Microsystems employee. Recently started a non-profit called FreshBrain in order to help address the educational gap that I see with our teens around technology. Joined a while back but finally have my head above water and am not participating.
Hi .
I am a math teacher in an Israeli high-school (7 to 12 grade).
I am always looking for new ideas and ways to get the kids more involved in their studies. I think i've found the right place...!
Hello everyone!

I worked in software for a decade before becoming a math teacher at the O'Bryant High School in Boston, Massachusetts. Now I'm going into my second full time year of teaching. I *LOVE* my new career, my school and my students.

I am teaching a couple sections of Geometry (which I am familiar with), a section of Algebra II (which I've never taught but feel comfortable jumping into) and a class called Technology Literacy (for which I have next to no idea what I will teach). I do have some of my own ideas for the Tech Lit course: a project where students create a family tree using a wiki, a video classroom sharing with a school in Jamaica using Skype, Facebook/technology safety, etc. I start the school year on September 10th, I just got married this summer and I'm having a baby in December so I'm trying to keep it simple. I'd love to primarily base the Tech Lit course on someone else's curriculum/syllabus. Please let me know if you have a suggestion for where I can find a syllabus or who I should ask for one.
I am happy to share out my own scope and sequences and standards overviews with anyone who wants to plow through them. The can be found here at my curriculum overview website
If you are looking for some great resources tools and e-learning apps that will make your professional life a great deal easier check out my blog at with regular updates and lesson plans.
Kevin, this is great - your blog, I mean!. I thought I knew many web2.0 tools and I do use them regularly in my classes but you have certainly brought my attention to even more - and many of them are so simple. Thanks for sharing.
Peter b science teacher Australia
Hi all,

Keren Taylor here. Executive Director and founder of "WriteGirl" ( - we are a creative writing and mentoring program for teen girls, based in Los Angeles.

We match teen girls with women writers for one-on-one mentoring, workshops and public readings. Pairs meet in cafes, libraries, sometimes parks....many of our girls do not have regular internet access, so our focus has been on in-person meetings and workshops. We work with over 300 girls annually.

In addition to the mentoring program, we also partner with six alternative schools where we offer creative writing workshops.

This year, we'd like to do some blogging with our school programs. We have about 150 girls altogether in that program, and I'm really not sure what kind of platform to work with. Can anyone offer some guidance for us?

Thanks! Looking forward to learning more about online education tools!

Hi, I'm Jonathan Wylie. I teach in 4th Grade at Walker, Iowa. I taught for 5 years in Scotland and England before moving to the states. This year will be my 4th year teaching in Iowa. I am looking forward to joining the discussions.
Hi! I'm Deb from Hudson, Kentucky. I'm currently making preparations (getting my virtual classroom, finding ways to advertise, learning more, etc.) to start my own tutoring business on and offline, mostly on. I've been an online tutor for a company, but look forward to doing it for myself!

I look forward to meeting others here!

Hi, my name is Jenn Maichin and I have been a special education teacher at a middle school on Long Island for 13 years. I am obsessed with helping my LD students understand and accept their disabilities, then find their strengths and use them to become independent learners. Technology has been a wonderful tool, not only to help them to comprehend produce quality work through different tools, but as a teaching tool for me. Through the many web 2.0 applications, I can now reach every student through his or her primary learning style. So far, I have been teaching myself many of these methods. I am looking forward to learning within a community of like minded peers.



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