Hi there,

I want to put my PowerPoint presentation about learning to Website and share with others, and don't want others to modify it?

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

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I use a site called SlideShare, it works great.
I second Slideshare. Scribd is also good, it also enables you to upload other file types.
I really don't like slideshare. For many reasons -- slow loading, clunky to embed, lots of spammers, audio incapable (despite what they say).

Try www.myplick.com Probably the best bet and you have the option to not have it downloadable...

Also, www.authorstream.com works well, I just wish they had audio upload.

Good suggestions already, but have you thought of saving it as a pdf? Safe and sure bet way it won't be edited. Of course I despise PPT pdfs.
I love Slideshare. It's easy to embed and people can view your show without having to download anything or have any software other than a web browser. When you upload, you have control over whether people can download the source file and edit or not. Also, there is a pretty cool community of people there, much like Classroom 2.0.
Hi there. I know that this can be a dilemna, especially if you don't want others to download and alter your work. I have started using Voicethreads for this purpose. To do it, I follow these simple steps:
1. Create a Voicethread account. I think they only charge a few dollars to enroll and then never charge you again.
2. Save your powerpoint in a new way. Normally you would just save your Powerpoint as a presentation. Not for this. When you click "Save As" and the box to save comes up, click the arrow to the right of "Save as Type". Scroll through the choices until you get to JPEG File Interchange Format. Select this.
3. Your computer will ask your permission to save a picture of each page in a new folder. Agree to this.
4. Now, your powerpoint slides have been saved as images and you can upload them to Voicethread.
5. Go to Voicethread, sign in and select "Create". You can upload your images and you should be all set.
Pretty easy once you get the hang of it.
You can add your recorded voice, songs, sounds and videos.
A nice presentation screen.
There is a small one time fee.
You can't edit your slides in the same way as PowerPoint. It's possible but I tend to use this feature when I know it's all complete. I also keep a back-up version of my presentation in ppt format on my hard drive in case I want to change it and re-upload the pictures of the slides.
Here's a fairly cheesy one I created for a "test lesson": http://voicethread.com/share/119657/
.pps can be altered, please don't believe that.... .... :)

Nothing is sacred to those teachers who really "need" and want the best for their students.

Great tip about voicethread! But yes, you have to consider the limitations with voicethread (but so many benefits) also....

I open it in OpenOffice and save it as a .swf (Flash) file.
As far as I know, Voicethread is still free for educators. Unless anything has changed recently.
Hi SunnyY,

Here are two ways of upload the PowerPoint to website.

1. Publish as HTML. By this way, it will lose the animations and transitions, sound and media files of the original PowerPoint presentations.

2. Convert PowerPoint to Flash and publish online. Now there are many PowerPoint to Flash converters which could convert powerpoint courses to flash with all of the animations, transitions, sound and meida files.

Here are some samples: http://www.sameshow.com/powerpoint-to-flash/samples.html

Hope it helps!

Thanks for all your good suggestion. It helps me a lot.
Hi Sunny:

Lots of good suggestions here. My new favorite--because it is FREE and platform neutral--is GretaStudio:


I like to create an HTML page, and then embed the narrated PowerPoint inside. It creates a TINY file--4 KB--and it can be easily uploaded and linked to on Moodle or sent as an email attachment. Way better than PowerPoint or PDFs.

I also like authorstream--lite and iSpring--but they are Windows only.

David Huston
Laurel School
Shaker Hts OH



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