Hi- Right now I am college to be a schoolteacher .I just did my first Wiki not that long ago for a class. I thought that it was a great idea. I have never heard of Wikis before this. Does anyone know how I can find out about more of them?

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We've done 5 wikis for 5 different reasons over the last few years-- you can read about them and other projects we've done HERE.
Many great resources here, not only wiki's, but web2.0 tools for educators.

Web 2.0 Resources
I really like wikispaces. I have a wiki page on my site which I created there. It was really easy and worked well. I think Classroom 2.0 also has a wiki there as well. I suggest you look around at the types pf pages people have set up for ideas. Wikispaces is very user friendly, and they have a free upgrade for educators!

We love wikis! :)

Pretty soon, you will contract wikimania too. Beware! ;)
Just look along the right side of the screen when you've got the Classroom 2.0 network open. You'll see wikis listed under "Tools". that link will lead you to lots of good stuff.
I have a Wiki I use with some of the GT teachers in my district. We're currently using the wiki to have a discussion over Bertie Kingore's book on Differentiation.
Hi, Rachel, there are many great classroom wikis out there. Many educators who have blogs also have wikis they are using with students. Here are a couple of examples; I will paste more when I have more time. You have to join some of them in order to get in. You should also follow these two educators' blogs!
Try looking at this website by Vicki Davis http://tinyurl.com/52j2sg she has a lot of good information about wikis

Try the Wikis in Plain English by Lee Lefever. I use Google Docs wiki in a graduate course I teach, but there are many other good sites as well.




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