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tool ate,I hittheenterkey,but, retreading that post I can't believe all the typos in it. And it's too hard Togo back and edit. think maybe I'll have to stick too larger keyboard (one I don't have to look at) and a mouse for editing....if this didn't have so many self correcting features,I'd be even more hopeless.

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Final capstone entry

I don't really know what ore there's to say. But, I'm in a motel breakfast room typing on an iPada, so this is kind of an experiment for me in using that tiny keyboard....most of my weblog entries to date, in fact, perhaps all , have been done on a standard 103 key, full sized keyboard. right now I don't even own any sort of computer of my own....I have an iPad and laptop belonging to the school systems, my wife has a net book, and we just hav feature phones. I do note that the letter I… Continue

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Session Six

Doing this late Sunday night, and it has to be moderated, so it may appear to be late--but, it's not.

This was an easy session for sure.  We had a fog day which allowed me to take a day off work and finish up my share the wealth....that put me at a considerable advantage over some.  I see now that we are to comment on other people's share-the-wealth presentations in session seven...and here I am about done with that.   Most posted this afternoon and I'm going through them this…


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Capstone Session Five

I can't find a specific assignmente to write about in session five.  I'm posting a day late.  I went back and reread the intro, the new blooms, the collaberation and communication....don't see specific directions anywhere so....

Regarding the new Blooms, I read that at the beginning of the session and without a lot of review, I do know that appreciated these readings.  They took Bloom's Taxonomy and brought it up to date, adding questions for the digital age.  I also know that it had …


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Capstone Two Session Four

Hmm,  I don’t see as clear a prompt for this blog, it just seems to say to read the global project stuff, read the digital citizen ship stuff, explore the sites, and then keep this in mind while writing a blog post.

So, I’ll get to all of that, but, let me first give you—Katie some insight into what’s going on in my life.  That is----why am I trying to be not too concerned about missing a forum post, etc.  I’d been experiencing some health symptoms that mocked a …what is it?  A TIA or…


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Now that I've gone back and read the prompt, and reread the article on iclass....I believe that my originial blog entry adequately addressed the prompt. and will now turn my attention to portfolio development.

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Capstone Two, Session Three


It’s been a while now since I read all the articles, etc.  Which sort of proves the value of reflective blogs, I’m forced to go back just a bit and think about what I read almost a week ago now.   Glancing through my notes—highlights on Diigo, etc.,   a couple of things do come back as having made a big impression on me.

One—an expected time period for a problem based learning project is 3-7 weeks.  This allows time for students to plan their work, schedule tasks, set goals,…


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Cap Two, session two, metacognition/reflection

So, the question of the day is--how can I effectively incorporate more reflection and metacognition into my curriculum. Well, as an ITRT, I don't have a class of kids and I can' least not on an on-going basis.

However, knowing what I now know about the value of metacognition and reflection, I can more effectively talk to teachers about the possibilities presented by blogging --from what I've already seen I could tell my own stories quite similar to the one told about the middle…


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Opening post Cap II--Session One

Reflecting on the value of reflection.

I'm probably one of those who might've fallen into the trap of ridiculing refection as being all "touchy feely."  The readings have certainly challenged this type of thinking. 

For years I've had a belief in the value of reflection.  Every so often in my devotional life--my walk with the Lord--I've started to keep journals, I've always felt this would be a "good practice" which would allow me to see growth, and revisit landmark experiences…


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final post for capstone one

I had a couple more thoughts on the forum that I meant to go back and add, but now I can't remember what they were.


I would like to say that one really healthy thing that I've sort of learned from the class is to take some time regularly (daily?) and do some professonal reading.  I plan to do my final bookmarking tomorrow, and actually don't mind putting off this "work" unti Sunday--the day of rest, because I find this reading to be very enjoyable and relaxing.  Unfortunatly,…


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Session Six Blog

I've gotten into the bad habit of doing the blog the morning after and this time, there was not real reason for that except procrastination on my part. 

This course is really planned right as far as making session six relatively relaxing and enjoyable at Thanksgiving time.  I got the work done by Wednesday night and really had a very refreshing break.  In reading the feedback just now, it looks like I've essentially made it.  I'm not sure what more I can come up with in the…


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Session Five Blog

Here are some scattered thoughts related to the effort of the past two weeks.

Regarding research tools--thjis was a revealing assignment.  I had never realy looked at the resource portals our schools have already purchased;    These include Infotrac, and SIRS.  Just now, in looking at links page from Arcadia High School I see that we also purchase Biography in Context and have a link to Virginiga' Community of Learning.  I stated in my forum post that I'd recommend to the media…


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Session Four - reflection

This morning I see the value of this blog and the whole bit about reflection being important---first I'll vent a second.

This was a marathon session for me. First I discovered there were things I hadn't done last session, and I had to get them in, which put me several days behind. Then I diivided up the work, what would I need to do each night, etc., only to get to the end and discover that once again, I had read wrong, and there was more to do. Ten portfolio entries--it seems…


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Reflection Three Session Three

It is 12:30 at night, so it's Monday anyway. I'm going to bed and will reflect bright and early in the morning on such subjects as assessments and lesson plans.

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Capstone One Reflection Blog #1

I'm trying to get as many of the intro. session assignments done as I can, because I plan to be on a trail ride this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Therefore, I need to do some work ahead of time.

Thus far, I've not had the opportunity to read many new publications this week, or to participate in forums, etc. I have taken a much closer look at some ot the organizations and web sites I'm already a part of, I've applied to join the Internations Society for Technology in Education, and… Continue

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