I can't find a specific assignmente to write about in session five.  I'm posting a day late.  I went back and reread the intro, the new blooms, the collaberation and communication....don't see specific directions anywhere so....

Regarding the new Blooms, I read that at the beginning of the session and without a lot of review, I do know that appreciated these readings.  They took Bloom's Taxonomy and brought it up to date, adding questions for the digital age.  I also know that it had  an impact on my thinking with the collaborative project I've got going with the students.  They are exchanging digital stories with a class in Spain, and they are sharing comments with each other during the creation.  When we are approaching the end...that is, when our stories are up and we are viewing the stories of the kids from Spain, we want to be sure to ask the higher order thinking skills type of questions--how is your life similar/different from theirs?  If you could create a culture of your own, which aspects of their culture and which of ours might you included?  Etc. 


The story of the long-handled spoons is a good one, not new to me, but, I haven't thought about it in a while.  These articles on collaboration and communication I just read this morning--after finishing my entrees on that.  So, they cause me a bit of concern in that the nature of my collaboration with "other" doesn't involve creating a  social network, or  a wiki, or any means whereby the community can have on-going input.  If this becomes a problem, I can go back to the website I'm working on (spending a whole lot of time working on) and easily add a "mailto" where community memebers can email me additional pictures to post.  I could even swith the whole thing over to a Wiki where a community page could be set up for members of the community to directly post pictures on their own.  For now, I'm going to assume that what I've got resulted from a collaboration, and will be fine....I want to get it to load quickly and appear nicely....probably by adding subpages and having less on each page.


I am so relieved that the portfolio entrees are done--except for revisions.  I don't know what lies in store for eh next coiuple of sessions, at least I don't know the specifics, but, it has to be easy street compared to what we've already been through.  --I've really had three projects going--my lesson, the digital story-telling collaboration, and now, the local history page I'm working on....seems like I'm probably doing three times as work as some others might be. But, I am excited about each of those efforts--pleased with the outcomes--or at least what I've seen so far.


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