I don't really know what ore there's to say. But, I'm in a motel breakfast room typing on an iPada, so this is kind of an experiment for me in using that tiny keyboard....most of my weblog entries to date, in fact, perhaps all , have been done on a standard 103 key, full sized keyboard. right now I don't even own any sort of computer of my own....I have an iPad and laptop belonging to the school systems, my wife has a net book, and we just hav feature phones. I do note that the letter I capitalizes on it's own. the most annoying thing is having to switch to the number keyboard for an apostrophe, I use a lot of apostrophes.

I don't see a tab key to indent a new paragraph. Overall this isn't as bad as I anticipated...I think I could adjust. perehaps I'll get a pad it's a wireless keyboard when I retire.

One of thething I've gained from the class that I haven't mentioned in other l
Wnding up type reflections is the degree to which I will read technology blogs, and news articles in the future...I think I really will do more of that. on the other hands, i'am not so sure that i'm ever going to get into following any forums to any extent....somehow I just feel like i'm giving the county their money's worth more on the days when I spend my time working with teachers far to face.

One could work at this job 10 hours a day, year round, I always think that the summer I'll make some sample lessons using some of those tools, or make smart board lessons,etc. Then I hardly turn on a computer all summer.

if blogs are for personal reflection, then let me go on with this thought. today on the hotel's tread mill, the history channel was on and ther were men talking about life an navel destroyers during wwII. they mentioned the urinal troughs, the showers where a dozen other men used them before your got in...and I think about how today classroom teachers keep hand sanitizer in the rooms for student use. Came into the world in 1954, and there was still a lot of the 1920s world around at the time...Tiger stadium. My college dormitory, a lot of what I grew up with was build in at the early 20thcentury. Here people remark that "we wonder howwe ever got by before th cell phone.". I'm sorry, but, I don,t wonder, I remember well and I could go back to it without too much difficulty. furthermore, I think I'd prefer a world where we didn't have tv screens blaring at us from the end of every Walmart ailse and in every restaurant. At 58 I'm not really all that old,but there are times when I sort of feel caught between two worlds. ....You know how it is perhaps, probably a lot of people my age share. Feeling that the American League shoulda have one divide with 10 Teams, ad whoever finish firsts goes to the world series...forget all this playoff stuff,it just is't right. grandpartents should all live on afoot hare farms and drive tractors....read a article this morning about "soverieng individuals" who refuse to acknowledge any government athority. part of me admires that thinking, part of me just want to live off by myself growing and herding my own food, using candle light after the single down....but,I know I'd probably I already be dead if I lived like that...killed off by respritory problems or incapacitated with pain (I'm sure grateful for the spinal surgery I had). I'm far from the subject now....slightly I tempted to reflect upn all the taxpayer money that goes to pa y people like me, angere management case worker, etc. Sometimes I think we shocked do away with public education altogether, but ...I'll let you go....finalnoteonthis keyboard, it would sure be handy if they
Incliude arrow keys...make it a lot easier togobackandfi mistakelikeinthe previous sentence.

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