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College Networks Need to Say “Bonjour” to Apple’s Bonjour

Originally posted on The Modern Network

Mobile devices are infesting college campuses at a breakneck pace. And, considering the popularity of their sleek and comprehensive products, it’s no surprise that Apple devices are a large subset of the devices that both students and professors want to connect to college and university networks.

Ensuring that Apple…


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Getting to know social networking

This is the first time I have joined a professional social network. My previous experience is limited to Facebook, and I use it mostly to keep track of family and friends: being far away from home pushes me to use it more frequently. Some of my fellow teachers use Linkedin, but I have never tried it.

My personal impression is that educational tools, apps and sites are evolving really fast. New ones or improvements to those that are successful, appear each week with the intention to…


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This is a graphic created by an intern who worked with me a few years ago. You can see links to this and other projects interns have done if you visit here and here. This page is from a German media …

This is a graphic created by an intern who worked with me a few years ago. You can see links to this and other projects interns have done if you visit here and here.

This …


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GoingOn & Emory Announce Free Webinar on the Emerging Role of Social Academic Networks in Higher Ed

GoingOn Networks, in conjunction with Emory University, today announced that it is a hosting a free webinar for higher education professionals interested in understanding the role of social academic networks in helping modernize communications and to increase engagement across faculty, students and staff. The webinar, “Building an Engaged Campus,” will be held on February 9 at 11am PT (2pm EST) and led by Alan Cattier, Director of Academic…


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eLearningToday.TV | Building a PLN as an Educator

To view the show notes, click here.

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Looking to expand your ed tech network on Linkedin?

Share your ideas, meet people and build your connection base. Ed Tech Start Ups group on Linkedin has almost 1,550 members already. Our focus is technology and education. Those that are interested in exploring the possibility or are in the process of developing a start up business will find this an outstanding… Continue

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The Extended Value of Classroom Networks


An interesting thing happened on the way home from Educon 2.2 last Sunday night. Walking through the terminal and against my exhaustion, I reflexively checked my mail. Lazy eyes lifted open, I flicked my thumb scrolling… trolling for a demand of action. I’m hyper-connected. I pay for it. And yet, I’m a better teacher and leader because of it. This is the sort of thing that I am betting many folks in this…

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resource for local volunteer coordination

Great New Online Resource for Local Volunteer Coordinating

VolunteerSpot ( ) is a free online sign-up tool that simplifies grassroots volunteering. The site makes it easy for anyone to quickly mobilize and coordinate volunteers in their community, congregation or social network. This is a wonderful tool for all-volunteer group officers, committee chairs, special event planners, and others who need to schedule and organize many other… Continue

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Primary Teachers Network

Hi All

Would like to let you know about a great new site Primary Teachers Network: .... please also read Elementary Teachers Network :)... that's right... just for the teachers who deal with the little guys!

To get straight to the point, the differentiating factors are:

1) Huge bank of interactive white board activities for… Continue

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21st Century Learning


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11.14 World Diabetes Day

This is url for this press release send it to all your local Media.

Thanks Santa

Christmas is not about a holiday. It’s a Spirit that gives without retort, loves without having to be loved and giving more to those who have less.


United States of America (Press Release) November 10, 2008 --… Continue

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Information | Knowledge | Wisdom

The other day, my son had done something we didn't approve of and so we took his cell phone away and access to the computer. He loves technology for what it offers, both good and not so good: YouTube, social networks for kids or not (myspace) and research for school. Over the course of a summer break, he taught himself how to read music, play the guitar and follow along with these videos to learn certain songs - I must… Continue

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Download all 18 Santa Stories for $1.14

Santa has made this affordable download to offer the Child in all of us a brand new way to enjoy Christmas for 2008.

Santa Clause, also known to many as Father Christmas or sometimes St. Nick (an abbreviated form of his real name Nicolas), is a well-known figure associated with Christmas and loved by many across the world. It was this popularity, especially with children, which prompted him to write a book for the enjoyment of… Continue

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A Web 2.0 Halloween

Last night America, went out for weekly Tuesday meeting and so I had the kids at home to myself. After giving the critters their baths and getting them into their pjs, we got into the Halloween spirit. With that, we pulled out all the gear from the attic and decided to create a haunted hallway. The kids love making tents with blankets and such so we… Continue

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Video to go has released Platform 3, the latest of their online video distribution service. Read the complete review by Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins from Mashable. Improved publishing system and media management tools… Continue

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K12Online Conference Underway

The K-12 Online Conference invites participation from educators around the world interested in innovative ways Web 2.0 tools and technologies can be used to improve learning. This FREE conference run by volunteers and open to everyone. The 2008 conference theme is “Amplifying Possibilities”. This year’s conference begins with a pre-conference keynote… Continue

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YouTube x 4

Who doesn't like 80's music? Okay, the song is a little cheesy, but take a look at this in 4 x YouTube HD! We've all see a lot of YouTube in our time, but this is really cool and probably very time consuming. Four YouTube Videos running simultaneously to form one video. Click play at the top to have them auto synced. I wish I would have thought of this...…


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"...and I quote."

As I was reading through a series of blogs from my Google reader, I came upon this post (Steve Jobs' 10 Secrets to Building a Huge Empire) by Manish Pandey, a tech enthusiast and blogger. It basically goes on to talk about notable quotes from Steve Jobs and how they… Continue

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School 2.0

Chris Lehman shares some of his ideas about the schools that we need. All kids should be able to collaborate, create, present and… Continue

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Today's blogs slant towards video, so in that spirit, a great tool for teachers or anyone is Livestation. A great way to integrate video in the classroom. Livestation is without a doubt one of the most impressive collections of live television viewing for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. The reason being that the number of choices for… Continue

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