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Playing Catchup with Technology

It's amazing that every time we catch up with technology our needs and technology itself grows more complicated.

This is my second year at a Mac school. Some of the resources we have are impressive: MacBooks for every teacher, Smartboards in every classroom, a classroom set of MacBook carts for each floor in the main building, video cameras, microphones, point and shoot cameras, plus four DSLR cameras, and a computer lab with 24 iMacs.

But we also have to deal with limited…


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Apple iPad vs.the Lenovo U1 Hybrid

from my Library Media Tech Musings Blog

Anyone who knows me knows i'm a Mac grrl.... from way back. From my first apple classic, apple IIe,… Continue

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windows 7 on iMac Attack

Installation of windows on mac ??? what the what.

Technology stack:

* intel imac
* rEFIt
* Ubuntu
* Mac OS X // maybe you do not need this; and thus should not be in the stack; :?:
* Windows Seven

just because we can ....

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21st Century Learning


Added by John Costilla on November 20, 2008 at 8:41am — No Comments

Information | Knowledge | Wisdom

The other day, my son had done something we didn't approve of and so we took his cell phone away and access to the computer. He loves technology for what it offers, both good and not so good: YouTube, social networks for kids or not (myspace) and research for school. Over the course of a summer break, he taught himself how to read music, play the guitar and follow along with these videos to learn certain songs - I must… Continue

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A Web 2.0 Halloween

Last night America, went out for weekly Tuesday meeting and so I had the kids at home to myself. After giving the critters their baths and getting them into their pjs, we got into the Halloween spirit. With that, we pulled out all the gear from the attic and decided to create a haunted hallway. The kids love making tents with blankets and such so we… Continue

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Video to go has released Platform 3, the latest of their online video distribution service. Read the complete review by Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins from Mashable. Improved publishing system and media management tools… Continue

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K12Online Conference Underway

The K-12 Online Conference invites participation from educators around the world interested in innovative ways Web 2.0 tools and technologies can be used to improve learning. This FREE conference run by volunteers and open to everyone. The 2008 conference theme is “Amplifying Possibilities”. This year’s conference begins with a pre-conference keynote… Continue

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YouTube x 4

Who doesn't like 80's music? Okay, the song is a little cheesy, but take a look at this in 4 x YouTube HD! We've all see a lot of YouTube in our time, but this is really cool and probably very time consuming. Four YouTube Videos running simultaneously to form one video. Click play at the top to have them auto synced. I wish I would have thought of this...…


Added by John Costilla on October 10, 2008 at 1:55pm — 2 Comments

"...and I quote."

As I was reading through a series of blogs from my Google reader, I came upon this post (Steve Jobs' 10 Secrets to Building a Huge Empire) by Manish Pandey, a tech enthusiast and blogger. It basically goes on to talk about notable quotes from Steve Jobs and how they… Continue

Added by John Costilla on October 9, 2008 at 11:17am — 2 Comments

School 2.0

Chris Lehman shares some of his ideas about the schools that we need. All kids should be able to collaborate, create, present and… Continue

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Today's blogs slant towards video, so in that spirit, a great tool for teachers or anyone is Livestation. A great way to integrate video in the classroom. Livestation is without a doubt one of the most impressive collections of live television viewing for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. The reason being that the number of choices for… Continue

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What's in your iPhone? Let others know.

Well, let's see, I have more than 80+ apps including:

But that's not the cool thing about this post. I accidently took a screenshot of my iPhone page and couldn't figure out how I did it. (After playing around a bit more, I figured it out - of course, I… Continue

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MobaTalk + Twitter

MobaTalk is like HD Video Twitter (screencast)


Added by John Costilla on October 2, 2008 at 6:52am — No Comments

Stop lurking. Do something!

I found this quote by Dumb Little Man: Thoughts for Life and thought I would share and reflect.

Thoughts are Nice, Actions Count Have you ever had the experience of…

Added by John Costilla on October 1, 2008 at 7:45am — 2 Comments

Social not cool anymore?

I believe that the aspect of including social media and social elements in your school, work, or play is important and that it is still all the "buzz." But, is using the words "social" or "social network" out? Facebook has a made a few minor changes, notably, they have removed the social network definition in their description. Maybe it's just a given or maybe it's just out. It reminds me of the days when everyone went through the whole... "we're a .com… Continue

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The Intelligent Web

Web Strategist, Jeremiah Owyang writes:

The Intelligent Web: Software that is able to collect and make sense of all the data in the system and is able to deliver meaningful content…

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Project 10100

Google has launched Project 10100, described as “a call for ideas to change the world by helping a s many people as possible.

The project works as follows: you send Google your idea by October 20th; it’s done by simply filling out a submission form, add a 30-second video if you like. Public…


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Are we there yet?

On many long road trips, my kids are always asking me, "Are we there yet?" And so it seems fitting that this is something our kids are asking us as educators, "Are we there yet?" There are so many tools and resources available for students, teachers, parents and communities to connect far beyond their classroom walls, yet I wonder, when we will we get there. As I read all the blog posts through my Google Reader or find great videos like the one below,… Continue

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I ♥ this ☛ Twitterkeys

This is a post that a good friend shared and thought I would pass along.

Twitterkeys—enhance your Twitter conversations:

Written on September 16, 2008 – 10:27 pm

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten,

Added by John Costilla on September 23, 2008 at 6:30am — No Comments

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