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Simple Tricks to Promote Your Blog on Facebook

You have a great blog. It is full of wonderful, informative, and relevant content. You post regularly, but not too frequently. In fact, you are a blog reader’s heaven. However, this does you no good at all if you do not have any traffic coming your blog’s way.

An extremely effective way to drive traffic to your blog is to advertise it on Facebook. With Facebook, you can get inside people’s phones and remind your followers to both check your Facebook page and read your blog. Of course,…


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Blog & Wiki Wordles

Wiki Wordle

Blog Wordle

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Blogging Best Practices

            Blogging (whether personal or for educational purposes) is a popular form of communication with others online. Those who chose to blog should also consider some best practices to get people interested in reading their posts and interested in returning to read other posts. Some best practices for educational blogging include establishing norms/guidelines…


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10 More Ways To Use Blogs In Your Classroom

 10 More Ways To Use Blogs In Your Classroom

1. Quote of the day discussion blog. I will post a quote of the day and students can analyze the quote and discuss what it means and lessons they can apply from the quote.

                                                        Place to find a quote of the day on every topic: …


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Blogging as a Tool to Create 21st Century Classrooms

            According to Education Week (2010), “The term ‘21st-century skills’ is generally used to refer to certain core competencies such as collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving that advocates believe schools need to teach to help students thrive in today's world.”  While the exact skills and resources can be debated, all educator’s agree that 21st century classrooms provide students with the resources and knowledge that they need in order to be…


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Shamblesguru's iPad : The Blog

I have an iPad2 and a New iPad ... and a very happy nephew who has inherited my iPad1.

This Blog is designed to share the…


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Blog+Twitter=Digital Logbook

Hi all,

I am a staff member of the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos, Lagos Nigeria. I can see that classroom 2.0 promotes the use of social media for teaching and learning. As a staff of the above school I teach laboratory techniques to undergraduate dental students involving the use of dental materials and equipment for manufacture of dental prostheses. This role involves scientific knowledge of dental materials and understanding of human body to be able to…


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5 things a teacher can do after the school ends

My second blog post concerning 5 ideas about what a teacher could do during the summer holidays. It will be great to leave your comment and feel free to add your own ideas!!!

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Introducing Mathematics and Multimedia

Hi everyone. I would like to introduce my blog, the Mathematics and Multimedia

This blog has two main themes: one is mathematics and the other is multimedia. The mathematics part will discuss ideas behind mathematical concepts from elementary to undergraduate topics.  The multimedia part will discuss the use of different media such as text, graphics, sounds, video and animation in teaching mathematics. Mathematics and…


Added by Guillermo Bautista on February 8, 2011 at 7:43pm — 1 Comment

My new blog

Edge of Education

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Sharing Notes w/ Students

Sharing notes with students in windows 7 and Windows Journal;… Continue

Added by Geoff St. Pierre on November 20, 2010 at 8:01am — 2 Comments

Two easy ways for educators and students to start a blog (for free)

It’s really easy to get started blogging – here’s two different ways to get up and running with a quality blog site quickly.

With the start of the new school year many teachers, administrators, and students will be thinking about finally starting that blog they’ve been considering. I promised in last week’s…


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Moving Beyond the Tools:

This is also cross-posted on Speed of Creativity

My name is Beth Still and my blog is Nebraska Change Agent. I was honored when Wes invited me to guest blog during his absence. This post is cross-listed on my…


Added by Beth Still on August 12, 2010 at 8:00am — 2 Comments

Reflections about Facebook Changes and Privacy

Facebook and Privacy Issues: Reflections about the ever-changing interfaces of Facebook and the growing number of Facebook-connected websites.....

Here is an info-graphic about Facebook privacy issues that I share on my post, from Matt McKeon of the Visual Communication Lab & Many Eyes at IBM:…

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Greetings from Spain

I am a teacher of elementary education (6 to 12 years) and I want to introduce the community…

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Running for ISTE PK-12 Board of Directors -I would Love Your vote! :-)

Isn't this a face and a cartoon you can trust to represent you in the PK-12 for ISTE Board of Directors?

Voting for the 2010-2011 ISTE Board of Directors will begin March 11 and end April 12, 2010.

Hi everyone! Well, I've never run for a position like this before (local sure, but not international!) so I'm not sure this blog is… Continue

Added by gwyneth jones on March 26, 2010 at 8:00am — 1 Comment

The Return of The One Comment Project

In July of 2009, I launched The One Comment A Day Project. My mission was to promote new bloggers and bring comments to existing blogs. Initially, The One Comment A Day Project burst on to the scene with the celerity of a gazelle, however, it soon became another faded project. The members of the ning remained, however, the collaborative dialogue that…


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"Digital Nation" Airs tonight on PBS Nationwide! WATCH IT!

Hey, all,

I had the opportunity to view the pre-broadcast version of the fantastic years-in-the-making PBS "Digital Nation" program yesterday and I'm doing all I can to get folks to view and to contribute to what will undoubtedly be a rousing discussion of its implications for those of us who have "drunk the koolaid" as innovators and advocates in the field of educational technology.

Carry on discussion here or visit… Continue

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Make a Quiz for Your Website or Blog

Online quizzes or tests work as good tools for organizations and training. Making and placing quizzes on your website or blog has many benefits.

For educators and trainers, online quizzes or tests are essential materials that help you find the weakness of students on specified knowledge. For individuals, you can make some funny quizzes to drive traffic to your website or blog.

Then, how to make a quiz or quizzes for your website or… Continue

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Times They Are A-Changing

To quote the legendary Bob Dylan's famous song, "The times they are a-changin'". I am now currently teaching Math to some of the best and brightest students this side of New York. Each and everyone of them makes me proud as they have the skills in analytics and understanding numbers that may just surpass other schools.

But regarding more about me, I mentioned that times indeed change because just a few years back, I was the student and I was the one making fun of other people, or… Continue

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