For a lot of the video projects I do, I use Final Cut Pro. But I've had a curiosity for adopting the new iMovie 7, part of iLife '08 (yeah, keeping the numbers straight is difficult), when I work with teachers.

They currently have iLife 06 and Tiger; this upcoming school year, we'll be moving to iLife '08 on all student machines and teachers can get an upgrade if they take a class.

We've begun creating a video series for "on your own training," but I'd love to know what others think of the new app. After doing these videos, I've decided I like the new version and can ditch my '06 version!

Link to video on creating still-image composites (overlays) in iMovie 7.

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The only real difficulty is when different versions are in use. Our 6-8 classes are running G3/G4 iBooks with iLife 05 and its commensurate version of iMovie. (I can't keep the numbers straight either.)
The teachers have Intel MacBooks with iLife 06, slightly different version of iMovie. I bought iLife 08 because I like to keep a half-step ahead of the kids/teachers. I won't even show iMovie 7 to them because it's so different. It's good, but confusing to keep the ways and means straight.

I'll have this problem until all the older iBooks are replaced. That'll be a while!
I think this is a dilemma that all school districts will have now that iMovie HD is discontinued. I suggest training the teachers on iMovie 08 so they have the option to use it, but stick to iMovie HD for the time being.

It's more user friendly and easier to pick up right off the back. While iMovie 08 does have some great new features it definitely has a greater learning curve and looks different enough to confuse teachers who are familiar w/ previous versions.
Since you can download imovie 06 if you have ilife 08, we have downloaded imovie 06 on the computers. This way we can continue to teach Imovie 06 with all the advanced features until we are ready to migrate to Imovie 7.



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