What was your most memorable moment from the weekend?

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One of my most memorable moments was seeing Cathy Jo walk off the plane in her Notre Dame sweatshirt. She looks just like her picture. It was a great way to start the weekend.
Sitting at my computer having the incredible experience of moving from room to room with a simple click = better than being there
Hi Liz,
I enjoyed talking to the three students who gave me a tour of SLA and the podcast we did so I could remember what SLA means to them. My first podcast by the way.
Liz- I was hanging out in a room on Saturday waiting for a session to start and talking with another online educator. Before I knew it, the start time for the session had came and went. When the small group of a dozen or so realized the presenter had bailed we didnt really know what to do because all the other sessions had been going for about 20 minutes. Someone said, lets go get the kids. A few minutes later there was 6 kids from SLA up at the front of the room taking questions from the audience. They spent over an hour answering questions. It was inspiring and thought provoking. They are doing magical things at that school.
I was in this session also and it was amazing. The SLA students basically put on an impromptu session, speaking articulately, laughing, confidently talking to a group of strange adults without any prep. It said more about student voice and empowerment than anything I saw all weekend. When their teacher came in after a few minutes, he mentioned how proud he was of them and I am sure will never forget that moment. It was a moment that can feed a teacher for many years and reminds all of us what is really important in education. He also did the wise thing and let the kids continue "their" session.
Bob- I agree with you 100%. Although, Ive never sat through so many discussions that were student focused. While this one was at the top of my most memorable moments from EduCon 2.0, the gathering of 250 people who, for the most part, want to change education as we know it, was equally inspiring. Im glad you saw what I saw on Saturday because I think more educators need to be able to imagine their kids doing what we witnessed.
You guys are not "strange" you guys are AWESOME! And very fun to talk to! I love talking about education, I feel our schools, mine and all the ones represented at educon really need to stay in touch, and feed off each other, not just once a year at educon...
I liked the first session with everyone their downstairs on Sunday morning!

I've never been to a conference that was so welcoming to students, teachers, and administrators equally. I have a few favorite moments. First was arriving Saturday morning, trying to connect wirelessly - along with 350 other people. All of us connecting for a common purpose. Another favorite was Alec Couros's Canadian rap. Finally, the young man who helped me print my boarding pass was a great example of an SLA student - helpful, knowledgeable, mature.



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