I'm curious if anyone has some ideas or a curriculum to teach students about brain research? I recall when doing my student teaching back in the 90's my master teacher started the year off teaching students about their brain and learning differences. She was able to refer back to this with them during instruction and activities to relate to how they were learning, as well as encourage them to try new tasks that they were not always comfortable doing (since our brain is always changing).



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A great book on this subject is called

" A Mind At A Time", by Mel Levine.

In my opinion, it is like a reference book, but can also be easily read from cover to cover. I especially enjoyed the many tips for teachers.
I was a Research NeuroPsychologist dealing with how the brain works and what is the relationship between the brain and your behavior. I have concentrated on learning disability and the way the brain works, but there are many such connections.
When I spoke in front of an audience or class, I enjoyed the interaction with the audience.

In answer to your quest for ideas, I propose an online course on how the brain works.
We start with a questionnaire that starts them looking in a new direction.
Then have the students make comments in a forum
Have a live discussion via Skype

I direct the Enabling Support Foundation, www.enabling.org, a non-proft which can provide such a Course at no charge.

Let me know at drz@enabling.org



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